Why Do Some ISIS Attacks get Better Coverage than Others?


This is true. But let me explain to you how the news works…Or better said how people works… I’m just focusing on why the news only covers what they cover, not the outcome.

Let me tell you about ourselves. Brace yourself for some truth. The kind that hurts. Real talk time…

Why Isn’t Everyone Praying for Brussels like they did Paris?

Because Paris was nothing more than a trend.

When Brussels happened recently, I’ve been seeing people complain that it’s not getting enough coverage or attention like Paris got. Nobody is changing their profile pic. Nobody is spreading thousands of memes of prayers. I’ll tell you why.

Paris wasn’t sincere. Nobody really cared. It was a trend. A mainstream thing we did as part of our herding instinct. You see 5 of your friends do it, and you have to do it. Don’t believe me? Then why didn’t your profile picture change on every single date in this meme?

Virality is 10% Content and 90% Timing

Paris’s timing was good timing for that trend just like the last viral video, and the viral story before it. You don’t get guaranteed virality because people died. Nope. Their deaths are subject to the same things as any blog post, photograph, story, facebook status out there.

It’s really chance, virality (and death). There isn’t a formula. You have to see something X amount of times before you embrace it as cool enough. Virality happens when enough people see it enough times to share it for their friends to see enough times to share it… You can’t just make that happen. It’s all chance.

The News Wants to Share Viral Content

Ever post a facebook status and feel a little down because it only got 3 likes and you thought for sure that should be a 35 like thing? The news does that too. Every single story the news shares, they want people to see it and like it. As a result, they aim for things people will see and like.

They know none of you care about Tunisia. I personally couldn’t find it on a map for you, nor do I know how to correctly pronounce it, and I actually read about this stuff more than most I know. That’s why the media won’t share it.

Contrary to popular belief, the media doesn’t make things famous. They go by demographics, psychographics, and popular opinion to dictate their news. YOU DICTATE THE NEWS. Not them.

Terrorists Just Need to Schedule their Murders on a Better Date

Right now. You don’t want to hear about people dying. It isn’t moving you.

I’m seeing two major trends right now. One for politics due to the upcoming election. This happens every election. Two, for positive things. Dead people is depressing. It’s winter on the brink of spring. We don’t want sob stories right now. We want uplifting new beginnings stories. The sad news of the deaths of many won’t go viral at this point in the world; however, if they can find one story where a kid saved a dolphin’s life during the gunfire, now that would go viral because that’s what you feel like hearing right now.

Maybe if the terrorists could schedule their next brutal killing on a date that’s in line with your emotions, like November when we are all feeling Christmasy and Thankful and want to help one another, maybe then dead people can be internet famous for dying.

You Are not a Jerk. Your clique is.

It’s the social stuff that does it. I didn’t describe a human being up there. I described a social mass of human beings. Two totally different personalities. Two entirely different things.

As an individual, your soul is a beautiful thing. You care. You love. You are sincere. But put you in a group of people, and you change. All the sudden, your beautiful feelings are tossed aside and you put on your ugly to satisfy social requirements. 

Our desire to be loved is greater than our desire to be ourselves.

Everything you do in front of people is the you that you want people to think you are. Not the real you. While a lot of people do this on a level to strive for order for a false sense of peace and the rest of us are rebels trying to pull you out from that delusion, most of this is because we all want to feel loved.

We want people to like us.

We want to fit in.

Tribes are formed, like political parties, special interests, etc. Cliques. Each tribe is like a child’s clubhouse. They come up with really stupid rules, most are unwritten, and if you don’t follow them, you’re out.

“That’s anti-feminist, bu bye. Kicking you out of group. Hey everyone, I just kicked out an anti-feminist. Now you can like me for saving you from that.”

Nothing we do socially has any real value to who we truly are.

When Judy tells Sally about what you said in private about anyone with Sammy according to Alexis. Judy is more concerned with Sally’s feelings for her than she is about her feelings for you. That’s all it is.

Let Me Tell You What You Did When You First Heard About Brussels, and Tell Me I’m Wrong

I know most of you read about Brussels, and many of you paused. Held your breath. Those who believed said a prayer. All of you cried for a second on the inside. Your soul dropped a tear. You may have envisioned clutching a dead child for his mother. Negative emotions of sadness and fear struck you. Then you rationalize because you have to. It’s just not fair this happened. Your body needs to rationalize it for its own sanity. And you do what you need to do for closure and move on.

You didn’t change your profile pic because you know that would do nothing to help them. You knew it didn’t help anyone in Paris when you did it back then. You only did it to be part of a group, to provide solidarity for a positive cause, and it was a positive cause, but this time, nobody is doing it. If they were, you’d be all about it.

So why aren’t you the first? Because you know if you do it, nobody is going to follow you. Only the influencers can do that. Only the cool people can do that. Of course, the cool people are saying this to themselves too.

The Point

Social Media Shares and News Stories have the same motivations. What motivates you to share a story just so happens to be what motivates your local news to cover a story. I wonder if it’s because news people are people too…

We share things on social media because that’s how we want others to see us. This is why we don’t share things that mean something to us (people dying) unless everyone else is. That doesn’t mean as individuals that we don’t care about the deaths. We DO CARE whether we share a story or prayer about it or not. We do care.

The sharing of it has absolutely nothing to do with our caring for it.


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