Women who want to be equal to men have no ambition

So I watched this video on feminism and why this girl is a feminist. It’s a good video that encompasses all of the liberal feministic agenda including LGBT issues. You know, girly shit.

I was going to comment how I felt about it like any person does when they see something that makes them think or feel, like we get all dog humping a leg for some bacon excited about having a thought or feeling that we want to tell the world what we think. But then I was like, “Why waste this epic topic on a comment when I can blog the bitch.”

First, in direct response to the video about equal pay, rape, LGBT equality… I don’t care if you are a feminist or not. You can still shave your arm pits. If a monkey is living under your arms, it’s time to take out the jungle. And you don’t want people calling you Chewbacca because of your armpits. I’m sorry but it not only offends me, it scares the living shit out of me. I had a bad experience with hairy armpits as told here at Concert Experience of the Socially Awkward


Now, in response to feminism…

I’m a woman who worked in nonprofit accounting frequently dealing with pigheaded men in the state’s government. I left that to join the military, and then I managed tax offices before reproducing my awesome genetics as my contribution to society. I have been fired for showing too much skin “asking for” sexual harassment that I wasn’t even complaining about. I have been fired for getting pregnant. I have been raped, and I had to wait for some a-hole to retire out of the military before I could report it on account that he didn’t think women belonged in the military and was looking for any reason to twist something against me to get rid of me. He also laughed when I had a stalker leave a voice mail, one he listened to, in a spooky creepy voice saying he was going to strangle me with my own hair. When I worked at the non-profit in accounting, I did the job I was hired to do, then I took on additional roles including half of the Payroll Guy’s duties and all of a guy we hired for a certain grant’s duties. Both men got paid double what I made, and one had nothing to do but file things for people because I took his entire load on account he couldn’t do it and we weren’t getting paid. After all that shit… I am NOT a feminist. Like hell I’d be.

No. I had a magnet in high school that sums up how I feel. Women who want to be equal to men have no ambition. 

We are not less than men. We are not equals. We are better than them. Period.

If a man went through all the shit I went through, he wouldn’t have half the sanity I have. I totally believe that. In the military, I had to do my job twice as well to be considered an equal to many people. I did that. So did a lot of other women.

Empirical evidence suggests that girls outperform boys in academics for just about every age group. It’s common knowledge that girls are at least 2 years more mature than boys.

Physically, women are beautiful. We are not hairy oafs with an ugly ding a ling that would give little girls nightmares. No, we have curves. Less hair. Breasts and cleavage. Our vagina’s are like a blooming flower. We seduce men more than the other way around, and for a reason. We are just the better looking gender. Even girls are more apt to do a 3-some with another woman as opposed to two men. There’s a reason for that.

Also notice gay men are no where near the horn dogs of straight men? But lesbians are. Hmmm. Women are sexier.

In addition, our brains are generally smaller than a man-brain; however, we have more neuro-transferring bridges between both halves of the brain, meaning we use more of our brain than men do.

We are also the only ones whose body is useful. We can not only house a baby in our womb for 9 months, but we nurture it naturally while in the womb, and then again with breast milk. The only thing useful on a man is the size of a superball located near his ass.

Did you also know everyone is a girl to start? Yeah. While the chromosome determines gender, all males are awesome for a small, short period of their life until the hormones kick in and create some male junk.

So what does this mean?

Gentlemen lighting a cigarette

Men should open doors for us. They should protect us from scary things. They should totally kill the bug.

They should be allowed to whistle at our ass and compliment us on our cleavage. I mean seriously, ladies, you have the IQ for it being a woman, what is really the difference between complimenting your eyes or your bust? Both are biological features.

They should attempt to pay for the meal on a date.

We should get paid on performance. If we are outperforming the men, our pay should be higher.

Rape should never happen, and a real man would do anything to protect a woman’s innocence because they love innocence. Our bodies should be honored and admired, not treated like a consumable.

Men should listen to us not just because we are their mothers, but also because it is scientifically proven we probably do know what the fuck we are talking about.

Men should help with the housework. The entire load of all jobs and work should be put in a pile and split 50/50. If a man is getting a longer break than his woman, he’s not admiring her is he. Nope, he’s a pig.

I call pussy men pussies. Get the fuck over it. Nobody means it, in this day and age, that they are females and therefore less. Do you see happy people getting offended that we call homosexuals gay? If anyone should be offended at calling men pussies, it should be the cats, and they don’t seem to give a shit. Cats never do.

Because men really aren’t the brains or the boobs, all they got is their strength. Let them have it. Let them use it. The pickle jar should be their battle, not yours.

In the bedroom, there really should be an equal attempt at pleasing each other, but cmon ladies, if you know what you are doing, you can please yourself while pleasing your man, and we please him because we are better at that sort of thing than they are, and their hormones require it. I mean if a man doesn’t clear his balls enough, that is like a huge health hazard.

And because we are the superior gender, shave your fucking arm pits.

A great article on the biology of gender roles… It suggests women are not more emotional biologically, but our brains adapting to a male dominated society. Soak on that shit with a blunt and some tequila.

A good article about how boys are falling behind in academics (to girls)



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