Williamstown Racism

Someone reported my post on Facebook and I got Facebook spanked for 24 hours. SO my blog shall be hosting this content…


Who reported it?

I don’t know for sure, but Shane King’s name was mentioned, he has been deleting all my posts and comments in his group, claiming my last blog post was libel which is libel because it wasn’t libel, and he just kicked me out of the group within minutes of me getting reported.

I hope I did not just gain a troll-stalker.

He claims my blog post about the racism in Williamstown is libel. NO libel is a false statement. None of my statements were false. UNFORTUNATELY. And he wouldn’t know. He wasn’t there.

Here’s the Deleted Post

Racism is something I always stood up for. When I was a child, in about 3rd grade, my black friend told me about how a girl named Brooke asked her what color her poop was. Such an innocent question. But I felt her. A child, ashamed, confused, humiliated. It was as if she just discovered there might be something wrong with her. I still cry when I think of her face telling me this story.

Ever since, I’ve been on a path of equality. I beat up so many racists in my youth, and now that I’m old, I’m using whatever gifts God gave me to push the subject. I’ve written several things on the subject of racism, and I post a lot on my Facebook about it. Williamstown came up in a group “You might be from Williamstown” ran by one admin, Shane King, who keeps deleting my posts, so I can’t prove it.

But I made a comment that Williamstown doesn’t like outsiders. A girl said, “I was an outsider and was fine.” Let’s just illogically invalidate everyone else’s experiences because it’s different than ours! Either way, I responded, “Because you’re white.” Then a few people commented about how insane I am to think racism is alive at all in Williamstown. I warned them. If they kept up with the berating me for saying that, I’d name names and tell stories. And they kept up because they are probably the statistic that kept the school out of the top 10 category. When my comments were deleted, I was going to ignore it. Fuck them right? Ignorance is bliss, and bliss feels better. Let them have it.

Driving down the road, God got to me. Why do these people do this? Why are they so blind? Why are they so mean to people? Then it hit me. They are only following the leader. I had to write it. I had to make a point about small, white communities. With Trump running for President, I had to show why it’s so important to vote for people of equality. Plus I wanted to prove to people that racism happened in Williamstown by the very people everyone worships.

I didn’t want to “bash” people. Scott, fuck him. But Jeanne Ford… I like her. And I can’t hide her name. She’s the only mayor for the last 20 years. But she’s a leader that had to be mentioned. The third person, I changed their name.

Then I thought about how some of the stories of racism I knew in Williamstown entailed the “pillars of the community.” I left out a few people because I wasn’t sure between memory, gossip, and perception. You know sometimes we think someone is being racist when really they aren’t. I didn’t want any gray areas in my post. But I know it’s there. All my minority friends have experienced it, plus several strangers I’ve talked to, hence why those people applaud my blog post.

Some missed my point entirely. They don’t see the racism as bashing an innocent person because of their race; they see my calling out racism as bashing people based on their character. I knew that would happened. It isn’t the first time Williamstowners hushed me for speaking the truth, like when a teacher sexually harasses a student. That’s why I focused on the “Shhh we don’t talk about that,” and you can see, there’s a lot of “Shushers.” Those are the reason racism is alive in Williamstown.

People are like, “No community is perfect.” Ok, so we just allow racism then? Not to mention, out of all the towns in this area, Williamstown has a higher level of racism, even against places like Ripley WV and South Parkersburg who are full of conservative, confederate flag carrying rednecks. Minorities who were treated badly for being a minority has not only left Williamstown for it, but they swear they won’t go back. They find places that accept them instead. Now, if your town is scaring off all the minorities, I’d say your community is beyond less-than-perfect and has delved into FUBAR.

But the point of the post, and anyone with an IQ of 80 can see it, is that we must choose leaders of principle. Leaders who believe in equality. That we are not bound to their leadership. That we are above this, and our culture dictates what they do as much as they dictate our culture. I’m so sorry the racists missed that and resorted to bashing me. But I can only hope a lot of oblivious people who mean well read that, and next time an outsider visits that town, they’ll get the courage to say, “Hi. Where are you from?”


You can tell I broke Facebook guidelines with that, but which one? Meanwhile, children are reporting their molesters and Facebook’s too busy with this one.

The best part is Facebook has no way to contact them, and they have no plan for false accusations and reportings.  This is BULLYING! This is Williamstown. This is how they do. This is why only white people who will scare off the minorities and boast about safer streets in the same sentence live there.



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