What Men Like to Watch Women Do

The following meme was posted on a Facebook page a long time ago asking us what men like to watch women do, and these are my answers…

men like to watch women do

What Men Like to Watch Women Do

  1. Eat bananas, hot dogs, or cheese sticks while making eye contact
  2. Stretch
  3. Smile
  4. Walk into a bar alone
  5. Jump on a trampoline shirtless and braless (easiest way to get a man to say yes to something)
  6. Try to be sexy and trip over or fall
  7. Take a shower
  8. Wrestle in jello
  9. Discover a piece of cookie under her boob in her bra and eat it.
  10. Do complex mathematical calculations… Just kidding
  11. Go down on him
  12. Eat hot wings like a savage beast
  13. Shave her legs after she already shaved them
  14. Put on lotion (something about smearing goop all over your body)
  15. Lick cream off her upper lip like Halle Berry did as Catwoman (mayonnaise works too… anything that resembles cum really)
  16. Work with passion (like paint, lead a choir, teach children)
  17. Kiss his boo boos (men really are babies and wimps underneath it all)
  18. Leave her comfort zone (anything that makes you feel and act awkward, like a new sexual position or peeing in nature)
  19. Sleep (because they can look at you all they want and you’ll never know)
  20. The all time favorite thing a man loves to watch a woman do? Shut up.

Men really don’t care about twerking, lesbian dance floor moments, watching us masturbate, or dress half naked. Those are things girls like to do and tell themselves men like it.

What men like to watch women do is more psychological and complex than we give them credit for. They love adorable strength with passion, nurture, and sexual innuendo. Instead of showing them your tits, they’d rather you taunt them with them. Instead of showing off intellect, they want to see passion (even if it is for intellectual things like science and Star Trek). Instead of perfection, they want to see flaws. They want to see your strength at your weakest moment. They want to see you face a fear rather than be unafraid.

Most importantly, they want to be the only man to notice these things like a hidden paradise for their sweet escape (that and possession of things we love is a deep seated evil in human nature much like our thirst for power, like they want you to be one kind of woman to show off to their friends, and something else reserved for only them).


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