To Be Born Again

To Be Born Again. From my stems of my root, I give birth to new leaves. My personal stories where I was born again through life. A new me.

Do you know why you have 7 years bad luck when you break a mirror? Because ancient Kabbalah believed that the mirror was a reflection of our soul, and it takes 7 years for the soul to heal, so if you see a broken soul, you’re going to have 7 years of bad luck.

I’m assuming that’s the basis for a new belief floating around that the body replaces its cells to a new body every 7 years. Not exactly true. While we do replace new cells all the time, different cells in different parts of the body have varying life spans. The brain has been seen to replace some cells in some studies, but for the most part, science accepts that the brain doesn’t actually replace cells; however, the brain is very malleable and adapts to growth.

I think 7 years is a good estimate on change. When the Bible said 40 days, the Deuteronomic historians (monks) meant that to mean some time passed. So, we can look at 7 years to mean the same thing.

The important thing is the body changes. We are reborn all the time in life.

To Be Born Again. From my stems of my root, I give birth to new leaves. My personal stories where I was born again through life. A new me.

The day I was born again, I gave my life to Jesus.

…in a Born Again, nondenominational church. It was one of those crazy churches, but the people were not on high horses. They were full of hugs and emotional support in the name of Jesus. At the time, about 7 years of age, I thought that meant things like going to church, praying, and trying not to sin. I think back now and think, “This is why my Baptist church won’t let kids that age get baptized.” I didn’t understand what I was doing, but most adults think that’s what it means too, so I guess I was ok to be that young for baptism.

The day I was born again, I regave my life to God.

At 17, my Baptist church did a real number on me. I stopped believing in God and lived an atheist life for a few years. My mentality was that HIS Church was full of shit, so He must be as well. But at about 21 years of age, I rediscovered God. He just showed me that He is not a religion. He just is. I started praying again and read about the Bible more so than read the Bible, like about the Deuteronomic Historians, and I got to know God as a friend.

The day I was born again, I joined the military.

Air Force. I was about 28 at the time, and the military shaped a new me. Basic Training gave me confidence and a little bit of discipline. I beat sexism in my own way, which I’m pretty proud of. My proudest moment, Marines called me Devil Dog. That doesn’t happen. It was truly a huge honor, more so than the awards I received while in training. I was also raped, but I also pressed charges eventually, and my rapist served time. I now have PTSD, but it was more than the rape. The military taking away my right to defend myself through micromanagement, abuse of power, and sexism is what gives me nightmares. But it was the military who built me to fight my battles through aggressively filing paperwork that helped me beat that enemy.

The day I was born again, I became a mom.

Since then I also gave birth to my 3 girls, and motherhood has changed me forever. The best preparation I received for motherhood came from the military. Days blend without sleep. Attention to detail is of utmost importance. Diffusing bombs while someone is screaming your face… Yeah. Motherhood. But as a mother, my priorities have changed. There’s a new me in there somewhere.

The day I was born again, I gave my life to The Holy Spirit.

The day I was reborn, I started dealing with spirits. At about 35 years of age, I started hearing them and feeling them. My house is haunted. At first, I thought I lost my mind and was hallucinating, but I’ve recorded their voices, and other people hear them too.¬†Everyone who has been to my house says it’s haunted.¬†I have since grown passed all my fears of demons and hell. I have endured a lot of painful moments, but I have seen how God is protecting me. He and I have gotten closer, and while my childhood was about God the Son, my adult life about God the Father, I am now getting to know God as the Holy Spirit. I am also getting glimpses into the after lives people are living, and there is so much truth to the stuff Christianity preaches, and some fiction about it as well.

I’m looking forward to being reborn again around 42. By then, the things I’m facing now will be of my past, and I’ll have a new thing to face.

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  1. I love that we went down similar paths with this (as did a few others) because it’s really true – we’re born, over and over and over. I’m curious, do the ghosts know things? Or are they lost? Have I asked you that before???

    • They seem pretty lost. Over time, they learn more about things, but I think at death, they know just about as much as they knew when they died. Like they are in the process of learning. I’ve told several ghosts to pray to find their way.

  2. I heard the 7 years theory recently. I had never heard it, but they say that our bodies totally refresh every 7 years, for better or worse. I guess I can’t say but I’ve certainly had some big changes every now and then.
    Like Lisa said, we had some similar takes on talking about our rebirths.

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