The World Needs Love

The world really needs more love.

I know most of you agree with me on this one. Duh Michelle. But I say it because I don’t think a lot of people know love to give it.

Are we to love people who don’t deserve it? Yes. Are we to love people who we disagree with? Yes. Are we to love people we don’t understand? Yes. Are we to love the enemy? Yes. You don’t have to accept their thoughts, embrace their lifestyle, or even hang out with them to be kind to them and love them.

Peel away all the layers of what you don’t like, and look at the child-like soul that’s left underneath it. Love that.

The world needs more humility.

We seemed to be plagued with narcissism incapable of looking out beyond our shells and seeing the world around us for what it is and our impact on that world. Perception makes it hard enough to really absorb life for what it really is, for example, we see color when some creatures only see grays, Before_Beer_After_Beerbut the narcissism has us doing the same thing on a spiritual and an emotional level.

The world needs more tolerance.

It’s so bad, a person can be like, “He’s an intolerant asshole,” having no idea they are being just as intolerant with that. The truth is, people want tolerance for their beliefs without having to tolerate someone else’s. The truth is, people’s tolerance for each other is much like their tolerance to whiskey…

Life Beer Tolerance Michelle Grewe Quote

You are allowed to disagree with someone. You are allowed to not follow their path. You are allowed to not do what they tell you to do. Just don’t tell them what to do. Don’t treat them like shit because they aren’t doing things your way.

The moment you find yourself thinking, “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of! What the hell is this idiot thinking?” That’s the first step toward intolerance. Step back and tell yourself, “They may be crazy, but I’m sure they have their reasons. I’m just glad I’m not that crazy.”

You don’t have to enable evil to be tolerant. Just approach the situation where you stand up for someone or protect someone with love and tolerance. It’s not easy because it requires a lot of character to do, but like riding a bike, you learn eventually, and before you know it, you too can ride your bike with no handle bars. No handle bars. No handle bars.

The world needs more equality.

We deny people things privileged society has, like marriage and a job, and then we blame them for not having those things. Yes, the black man is just a lazy asshole who refuses to work. Nevermind that 5 opportunities passed him just because he’s black.

Equality Tapestry Quote

You know what would be nice? To see less minorities in the ghettos. This world of white suburbia avoiding colorful ghettos has got to go. I would just love to see one black man afraid to go to that area of town.

But even better? To see a place with no ghettos. The 1% is hoarding the wealth in America and taking their money (as well as spending it) overseas. They bank overseas. Their corporations pay for labor overseas. Then on top of it, their banks they own fund more terrorism and war than building a regular society. And they think that somehow makes them better than you, because they have a higher paying job which in no way has proven its worth, which turns most people into suck ups trying to get in their good favor, which is why these people do what they do. Stop sucking up to the rich.

The world needs more freedom.

Despite your dreams of being too good for the animal kingdom with your tea-time pinky finger in the air, the salute of civilized society, we are still wild animals. We need to stop caging ourselves with rules.

caged lionPeople want the government to make more rules because they have a “feeling,” a tingle, that the rule will solve a deeper problem despite all the studies that say otherwise. We are caging people in the name of a “feeling,” that it will provide them safety. What is the quality of life of a caged animal at the zoo? He’s safer than the ones in the wild, but he will never know what it’s like to kill his own dinner or play in a natural lake.

I personally refuse to be domesticated.

The world needs more intelligence.

I believe ignorance is bliss, and I would love to know that bliss sometimes. But the fact of the matter is ignorant people need to be led, and there is no superior species to do that for us. The rich, despite their educations, are not intellectually superior in the slightest because they lack experience only the poor have to survive with limited resources. They don’t know the culture of every day people. They are not qualified to lead us anywhere decent, and neither is anyone else.

MLK Quote on EducationUntil we improve our education programs to shift the focus back to learning and away from conforming, where we listen to the studies that show improvements in learning as opposed to listening to studies that show improvements in graduation, and make it worth everything people claim it is, we will only continue to breed stupid people.

Teach your children to question the system and improve it. Teach your children to think things through.

The world needs more Jesus.

Pretty much all the crap I just said here is the same thing Jesus was all about. Most of you will deny that because you hate Jesus, and the rest of you will deny that because you follow Jesus. Makes no sense to me. Those who agree with Jesus hate Him for being a religious icon. Those who disagree with Jesus pretend to follow Him and uses His name in vain to satisfy their evil hatred against the world.

Jesus Hippy Convo

But because we don’t have all the things listed here, because we are in a world without love, without tolerance, without equality, without freedom, we need a Savior to save us from the hells we ignorantly create. I can’t tell you for sure if Jesus existed or not, and I can’t tell you if He was really the son of God if He did exist, but I can tell you that I won’t stop hoping for Calgon on Calvary to take me away from the world’s bull shit.

This is part of Finish the Sentence Friday

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I also added a new spirit voice. Do you hear a man saying S’il vous plait? French for Please?

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