The Real Truth about Planned Parenthood

The Truth About Planned Parenthood DumbfuckeryFor some, Planned Parenthood is their savior in times of need, and to others, they are the antichrist. In the last month, they are the most popular celebrity to gossip about, beating Gwen Stefani’s divorce. Why? Well, possibly a PR stunt that should be written about in Marketing textbooks.

To quote the great CNN, “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday he believes Republicans should shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood, the health services group that is facing scrutiny after undercover videos of its officials emerged.”

Holy Balls of Frozen Poop Dildos, Donald Trump is even speaking on this. We have attracted even the opinion of His Royal Highness of Toupees and Troll Hair. Planned Parenthood is a pretty big deal.

For those who are stumbling on this in the future, and those who have hid under a rock to avoid the drama…

The Gossip on Planned Parenthood

The Video That Shall Not Be Named

Then of course the feminists have to fix this. I mean, where would Planned Parenthood be without the feminists to bash all the idiot anti-feminist pro-lifers out there? She sets us straight with “real facts.”

After the video emerged and went viral, Planned Parenthood’s site went down due to, according to the website, “an attack by extremists.” Yes. They were “hacked.” The great CNN also covered this story. However, this appears to be a PR stunt because the hacked page forwarded people to a Planned Parenthood site that was functioning fine (and asking for donations to fight back), not to mention, it was SEO Optimized. According to a friend of mine…

“Multiple web developers, myself included, found code in their ‘our site is down’ page that included standard ‘marketing campaign’ tags, and tracking. It was even named Campaign Tempalte, their misspelling. With links to donate…like…”Our site has been hacked, but go ahead and give us your credit card number…shhh…trust us…it’s safe.””

Read this really cool link that summarizes the entire story with more details than I gave. Now the site is under maintenance instead of hacked.

Planned Parenthood Site Hacked 1:45 AM 8/5/2015

The Sale of Baby Parts

I know most prolifers would gasp at the notion of selling baby parts (a conservative synonym to the liberal term, “fetal tissue”). But most of it goes to stem cell research. Now I know, you are thinking, “They are freaking cloning people from baby parts!” Yes. They probably are. But we are also researching really good things with it…

“Current studies are researching how stem cells may be used to prevent or cure diseases and injuries such as Parkinson’s disease, type 1 diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injury, Duchene’s muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, burns, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, vision, and hearing loss. Stem cells could also be used someday to replace or repair tissue damaged by disease or injury.”

All of us have loved-ones or ourselves who fall under at least one of those categories. Jesus isn’t here anymore. We need baby parts to make blind men see now. At least until the rapture.

I’m being serious with that. It’s more than just research.

“Stem cell procedures currently provide life-saving treatments for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, other blood disorders, and some solid tumors.”

We already use stem cells for bone marrow transplants, which are used for people with leukemia and people who had bone marrow destroyed during chemotherapy.

Basically, most of these baby parts goes to treating cancer, and finding a cure. If you walked in a Relay for Life, just know, some of the money you raised is also used for stem cell research. Don’t worry, not baby parts.

“The American Cancer Society believes that human stem cell research, both embryonic and adult, holds significant potential in the fight against many diseases, including cancer…. The Society does not approve research grants using embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue. The Society has chosen to continue funding peer-reviewed scientific inquiry that could offer alternatives to the use of embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue. ” From American Cancer Society

Yes. There are ways to research without using baby parts. Maybe we need to go that route, or maybe we don’t, but that’s not gossip, so nobody talks about it. You know. Important things that WOULD change the world. Let’s avoid those.

But if we are going to have abortions, I think we should harvest baby parts for science as long as the baby we are killing (conservative synonyms for the liberal-PC terms “fetuses we are removing like a tumor,”) doesn’t feel any unnecessary pain. The parts are going to the trash. Let’s turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. Plus, if it’s illegal to have an abortion or sell baby parts, then we have no control over the people who do those things anyway. As long as it is legal, we have more control… not that anyone on this planet is intelligent enough to take advantage of such control; however, the American Government comes close.

Is Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts?

Yes. They are.

Rebecca (from the video) is wrong.

Planned Parenthood IS selling. <Pause> <Deep Voice> Baby Parts. </Deep Voice>

<Pause> <Exclamation Voice><Giorgio Tsoukalos Aliens Hands> BABY PARTS! </Exclamation Voice></Giorgo Tsoukalos Aliens Hands>

You can’t be a feminist without proper use of Deep Voice and Exclamation Voice and “Aliens” hands to point out the insanity of the pronoun. That’s more important than hairy arm pits.

History Channel's Ancient Aliens Giorgio Aliens

Of course, being the entire stereotype of a feminist is more important to feminism than women’s rights because God loves Irony and America loves Hypocrisy. (That’s me telling you real feminism cares about women’s rights, all women’s rights, from pro-choice to pro-life).

Selling Baby Parts is Legal.

The problem with the videos wasn’t that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts. That’s legal. The problem is the following ACCUSATIONS (they may or may not be true)…

  1. Profiting from the Sale of Baby Parts
  2. Illegal Abortion Activities such as purposely breeching the baby for better access to specific tissue being requested (as that’s identical to the procedure known as a Partial Birth Abortion).

Like the doctor said in the video… law is subject to interpretation, and if you intend to do things one way at the beginning and things just happen…. Nobody who is being legit says things like that. Nobody who is breaking the law does either. These are the words of a gray area that has yet to be defined. This is just another example where technology and expert knowledge has exceeded our politicians’ ability to govern it. This is probably why we need to vote in more doctors into Congress, or at least people with an IQ of 100 who can pass a drug test.

Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe Snopes.

Maliciously Edited Videos

This is beyond Planned Parenthood here. A common part of our culture, in the media and in conspiracy theory videos, is to present the truth in a way that deceives the conclusion. I can list fact in a way to make you believe something untrue.

[stextbox id=”Boring-know-it-all-info”]

For instance: My father died on March 26, 2009, in Vienna, West Virginia at the age of 56. Ludwig Van Beethoven died on March 26, 1827, in Vienna, Austria at the age of 56.

Now you think there’s a link between these two men. There probably isn’t. It’s just a coincidence. But I could add…

Both Men were German. Both slowly poisoned themselves to death.

So many things they have in common. If I put all that in a video titled, “My father was Ludwig Van Beethoven Reincarnate,” many of you would believe that.


Just like many of you believe Tupac was part of the New World Order, that Bush planned 9/11, and that the aliens are trying to control us with computer chips.

And also, just like many of you believe that studies show gun control reduces crime (some of you still believe that don’t you?), vaccinations cause autism, minions were based off Nazi experiments on Jewish Children, neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light, Planned Parenthood is illegally selling baby parts.

And let’s not even get into the old wives tales everyone still believes like homework will improve your kids’ test scores, a good winter coat and dry hair protects you from viruses, and spicy foods are bad for ulcers (bet you didn’t know that spicy foods are actually good for ulcers).

Remember when you all thought the earth was flat and burned witches at the stake over it? Haha. Good times. Marshmallow sales plummeted when we stopped doing that.

Fact Checking Rebecca’s Video

Rebecca pretty much stated her opinion and feelings like they are facts. People, we have got to start distinguishing between feelings and facts. This is just getting out of hand on the internets in general.

The quotes in this section are from her…

“Planned Parenthood is not fucking selling baby parts, you idiot.”


“The fact that they aren’t selling baby parts on the black market.”


Yes they are. Well, define “black market,” like no, I’m not going to a Planned Parenthood Rep on a street corner for a liver… Not recently anyway…

You can probably be like, “It’s not baby parts; it’s fetal tissue,” but that’s just semantics. The two are synonymous depending on which political box you fit in (conservative or liberal).

“Even if they were, abortions account for 3% of their activity.”

That is true. Abortions do account for 3% of their activity. But that doesn’t mean it accounts for 3% of their revenue, or that they aren’t profiting from these sales like she’s trying to imply.

Planned Parenthood Meme. Inappropriate Laughter.
I think this is hilarious, but that’s because I have a sick, twisted sense of humor.

Planned Parenthood does provide their 990 to the public as required by law, however, they go through affiliates for the abortion tissue sales, meaning Planned Parenthood as a non-profit entity does not make any money from the sale of fetal tissue, but remove the loopholes, do they?

“Planned Parenthood has 59 independent local affiliates that operate approximately 700 health centers throughout the United States, providing high-quality services to women, men, and teens.” According to Planned Parenthood. Wow, that’s a lot to go through for an audit. Given our government’s concept of productivity, we might find this out in our lifetime. MIGHT.

So I have to go another route just to get a ball park idea of what is fact. This is in no way accurate. It’s just more of an educated guess than what you all have been doing. The video leak says they make $30 to $100 per specimen. So if we take the average $65 per thing, and we have 327,000 abortions in fiscal year 2014, we would have $21,255,000 for the year 2014. Now let’s compare 2012 (because that’s the 990 I have). They had 333,964 abortions claimed for that year, which multiply that by the average of $65 earned per abortion (which isn’t accurate because they don’t sell every abortion, and I’m sure they sell a lot more $30 baby parts than $100 baby parts), $21,707,660, which would be 16% of their annual revenue ($139,369,058). So there is a chance that abortion money can account for more than 3% of their total revenue. Ha. I thought it would actually be less than 3%.

“Most are around the first trimester when the fetus is around the size of a kidney bean, so nobody is looking at that kidney bean and saying let’s dice it up and sell its body parts…”

Hmmm. But…

“The National Institutes of Health spent $76 million on research using fetal tissue in 2014 with grants to more than 50 universities, including Columbia, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Yale and the University of California in Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. It expects to spend the same amount in 2015 and 2016.

Researchers say fetal tissue is a uniquely rich source of the stem cells that give rise to tissues and organs, and that studying how they develop can provide clues about how to grow replacements for parts of the body that have failed.

“Think of fetal tissue as a kind of instruction booklet,” said Sheldon Miller, the scientific director of the intramural research program at the National Eye Institute.”

According to New York Times, you can get several thousand for a vial of cells.

“That’s not a get rich quick scheme you guys..”

Stem Express made 2.2 million in 2013 with 21 employees;  Advanced Bioscience Resources Inc. with 12 employees made 1.4 million. Not exactly as lucrative as the cocaine industry, but not bad for a small business. Wish I thought of it first.

But that’s profit-oriented business. I don’t think Planned Parenthood is making any real money from this. In fact, it probably should be accounted for as In-Kind (giving monetary value to the donation of things).

“There’s the fact that this video is made by the same people who is associated with Live Action who is best known for <deep voice and alien fingers> maliciously edited videos </deep voice> </alien fingers> to take down Planned Parenthood.”

The Center for Medical Progress made the video posing as a bioresearch firm interested in obtaining fetal tissue. They are a nonprofit who are “dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances.” Which, ironically, posing as something you are not is not exactly the most ethical way to obtain information, but that’s just my observation…  Live Action is a Pro-Life nonprofit dedicated to Pro-Life. According to some blog, David Daleiden, head of TCFMP used to work at Live Action (he probably thinks my father is Ludwig Van Beethoven reincarnate), so I guess you could take that to mean the organization who made the videos is associated to Live Action. I heard David also had Chick Fil A’s yesterday for lunch, so I suppose that also means the video is the same people who is associated with anti-gay organizations. Live Action has also been blogging the coverage of these videos because, you know, a Pro-Life organization wouldn’t care about a video that leaks something bad about abortions.

I’m going to paraphrase this one… So according to her Heresy and Persecution course in college, an accusation that comes up time and time again throughout human history is that these people in marginalized groups, usually the Jews, get together in secret, have orgies, the orgies result in babies, and then they kill the babies, burn them into ashes, make the ashes into cakes and eat them at the next orgie. She is baffled that someone could believe this.

Yes. I’m so freaking sick of people claiming Jews eat baby ashes at all their orgies. I’m a Christian, and I can attest we eat the babies before the orgie and hotwings after.

Ok. So now I’m curious. Where the hell did she get this?

[stextbox id=”Boring-know-it-all-info”]

According to Lucifer Ascending,

In fact, the story can be traced back further, always in the form of

an unconfirmable rumor attached to various groups who were the sub-

jects of persecution. Catiline, charged with conspiracy against the Ro-

man government in 63 BCE, was said to have sealed his plot by ritually

sacrificing a child and eating it with his cohorts. Participants in the Bac-

chanalia, a religious movement made up of women, actually engaged in

sex orgies and human sacrifice, according to the Roman historian Livy. A

contemporary source claimed this movement’s ultimate goal was “the

control of the state” (Cohn 1975: 6, 10—11).

Once the Christian church had established itself as the Roman state

religion, it in turn accused rival religions and schismatic sects Of similar

bizarre ceremonies involving perverse sex and cannibalism. Targets in-

cluded the Alexandrian sect of the Phibionites (ca. 330) and a dissident

group of clerics at the collegiate church of Orleans (1019), who were

accused of engaging in ritual orgies and incinerating the children con-

ceived during them; if a child was conceived in this way, it was ritually

burned eight days after its birth, and the ashes preserved as a kind of

holy sacrament (Cohn 1975: 20—21; Zacharias 1980:47—48). By the early

twelfth century, a similar story had emerged about a heretical sect mak-

ing a kind of sacramental bread out of baby ashes. Common to all these

stones was the claim that, once a believer had committed cannibalism,

he or she could then never leave the cult (Zacharias 1980:49).

From the thirteenth century on, such rites were less and less com-

monly ascribed to Christian heretics. Now, they were supposedly car-

ried out in “Synagogues of Satan,” and Jews were being accused of

slaughtering a Christian child to make sacramental Passover bread

(Dundes 1991: 100).

The Blood Libel was first used against Jewish communities in the

wake of an incident in Norwich, England, when an intense panic oc-

curred after the body of a twelve-year-old boy was found the day before

Easter 1144. Rumors circulated that day and during Easter, claiming that

the members of the local Jewish community had abducted and ritually

murdered the child. No concrete evidence could be found, and the local

sheriff ensured that the Jews were not attacked or prosecuted, but a local

cleric, Thomas of Monmouth, compiled a saint’s life, The Life and Miracles

of St. William of Norwich, that included graphic details of how the child

had been tortured by vindictive Jews (Bennett 2003). By the 1150s, as

historian Gavin I. Langmuir found, the belief had spread “that European

Jews annually conspired to crucify a Christian boy at Easter or Passover

to insult Christ” (1972:462). Still, though such accusations emerged fre-

quently in England, they rarely resulted in legal action being taken against

the Jews thought responsible.


That was fun. Wasn’t it? Now you know.

Planned Parenthood and Eugenics Old News

There really are some awful things to say about Planned Parenthood, more or less, the history of Planned Parenthood.

[stextbox id=”Boring-know-it-all-info”]

Society is divided into three groups. Those intelligent and wealthy members of the upper classes who have obtained knowledge of Birth Control and exercise it in regulating the size of their families. They have already benefited by this knowledge, and are today considered the most respectable and moral members of the community. They have only children when they desire and all society points to them as types that should perpetuate their kind.

The second group is equally intelligent and responsible. They desire to control the size of their families, but are unable to obtain knowledge or to put such available knowledge into practice.

The third are those irresponsible and reckless ones having little regard for the consequence of their acts, or whose religious scruples prevent their exercising control over their numbers. Many of this group are diseased ,feeble-minded, and are of the pauper element dependent entirely upon the normal and fit members of society for their support. There is no doubt in the minds of all thinking people that the procreation of this group should be stopped. (Applause.) For if they are not able to support and care for themselves, they should certainly not be allowed to bring offspring into this world for others to look after. (Applause.) We do not believe that filling the earth with misery, poverty and disease is moral. And it is our desire and intention to carry on our crusade until the perpetuation of such conditions has ceased.

We desire to stop at its source the disease, poverty and feeble-mindedness and insanity which exist today, for these lower the standards of civilization and make for race deterioration. We know that the masses of people are growing wiser and are using their own minds to decide their individual conduct. The more people of this kind we have, the less immorality shall exist. For the more responsible people grow, the higher do they and shall they attain real morality. (Applause.)”

From a Speech from Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood


So we have they were founded on “Nazi” Ideology of controlling the population of the unfit: poor people and black people. It is said the only reason they changed PR concepts was because of WWII and the anti-nazi sentiments.

Population Control has always been their primary mission, but is it today?

“More and more, eugenicists traded in “unit characters” for polygenic inheritance and genetic predispositions. Accompanying this realignment was a heightened interest in the manipulation and management of human heredity through population control, which postwar eugenicists and their allies pursued through groups such as the Population Council, Population Reference Bureau, and Planned Parenthood.” National Library of Medicine

“States began practicing eugenics in earnest in the United States in the 1920s and ’30s, driven by a philosophy of social engineering once so popular that President Woodrow Wilson, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. of the Supreme Court and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, were ardent supporters.” New York Times

“The Puerto Rican government and the International Planned Parenthood Federation ran a sterilization program with US government funding, and by 1968 the program had sterilized roughly one third of Puerto Rican women. Numerous studies have shown that misinformation about the procedure caused high rates or regret among sterilized women. Many women were unaware that the procedure was permanent, due in part to the euphemism of “tying tubes.” Additionally, many women had no alternative affordable contraceptive methods, so they opted for sterilization.” Stanford

I have read somewhere of women in 3rd World Countries claiming that in order to receive prenatal care from Planned Parenthood, they had to agree to sterilization. I’m not sure how true that is, but….

““Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) opposes coercive and inhumane reproductive policies and practices, including China’s one-child policy and the illegal practices of forced abortion and coerced birth control reported in some localities,” its statement read. “The continued oppression of Chinese families through coercive reproductive policies must end.”” From LifeSiteNews since I can’t link to Planned Parenthood’s actual statement on account their site has been “hacked.”

I just read through countless of articles about sterilization in other countries, and they are all worded where it’s strictly voluntary, and at times desired when insurance won’t cover it.

In addition, a friend of mine cued me that Planned Parenthood isn’t anywhere but the US. The International version is a different entity.

I really am under the impression despite all the conspiracy theories about George Bush and Bill Gates aiming to control the population count that modern day Planned Parenthood just wants to help women. And honestly, some of that crap about population abundance not being good for the planet might be true, and if this were a case of population control, as long as we aren’t forcing sterilization on people, this is a very humane way to go. Maybe we do need to stop humping like rabbits so there’s an earth for our future generations.

But one simple logical concept remains… If the world leaders were trying to curve population, then sterilization would be covered by all insurances. I remember the medical card not covering IUD’s. The reason people praise planned parenthood is the NEED to offer services you can’t afford because no insurance covers it.

I should add, if the American Government were trying to curve our population, you wouldn’t get the EIC credit on your taxes.

Sterilization and Population Control

Apparently, there are people trying to control the population. Maybe not. Let’s pretend they exist. This is my message to them… You are the true effing idiots. You are so doing it wrong.

1. Sterilization won’t stop the population from increasing

In 1965, the US (government teamed with Planned Parenthood) forced sterilization on women in Puerto Rico sterilizing 1/3 of the female population. Puerto Rico’s population still grew 15% from 1960 to 1970. The current population is 3.548 million people. So now we know forced sterilization doesn’t work.

2. Forced Sterilization targets the wrong demographic for population control. Men are the whores.

The Penis makes babies happen.

The Penis is the primary rapist.

“A 1997 study on the non-institutionalized, non-military population by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, which defines rape as forced penetration by the offender,[260] found that 91% of reported rape victims are female and 9% are male. From Wikipedia.

The Penis is the primary sell it like a used car.

“ABSTRACT. According to cultural stereotypes, men are more eager for sex than are women: women are more likely to set limits on such activity. In this paper, we review the work Of theorists Who have argued in favor Of this proposition and review the interview and correlational data which support this contention. Finally, we report two experimental tests Of this hypothesis. In these experiments, conducted in 1978 and 1982, male and female confederates of average attractiveness approached potential partners with one of three requests: ‘ ‘Would you go out tonight’! “‘Will you come over to my apartment?” or ‘ Would you go to bed with me?” The great majority of men were willing to have a sexual liaison with the women Who approached them. Women were not. Not one woman agreed to a sexual liaison. Many possible reasons for this marked gender difference were discussed.” From Elaine Hatfield

The Penis is the primary parent to abandon children.

” 76% of single parent households are headed by women” From Everyday Feminism

But we blame the vagina? The victim of the Penis? For making all these babies in wedlock?

“Across human societies, males tend to have higher variance in reproductive success than females. In other words, male reproductive output (e.g., number of kids) tends to be more variable than female reproductive output. That overarching pattern is consistent with sexual selection pressures operating more stringently on males.” From Psychology Today.

It was really tough to find statistics on this one. How many kids per mom are there in comparison to dads? Who is having more kids here?

In 2008, we had 70.1 million fathers and 85.4 million mothers. Let’s think about this. If we have one father for every 1.2 mothers…

Same year I think… 15% of mothers had 3 or more kids; 22% of fathers were raising 3 or more, and remember, the percentage of men is a percentage of a higher number than the percentage of women.

(Census: 20% of all women age 15 to 44 who have had two children. About 47 percent had no children, 17 percent had one, 10 percent had three and about 5 percent had four or more. Census: 22% of fathers were raising three or more children younger than 18 (remember, that’s a percentage of a higher number than the percentage of women). 

You sterilize a woman, you might stop 3 babies from happening, but you sterilize a man, and you could stop 15 babies from 5 different baby mamas from happening.

Genghis Khan fathered at least 1,000 kids, possibly up to 2,000, and is said to be genetically proven to be the ancestor of .5% of the world’s population. If only someone sterilized him.

According to Gynecology… Vasectomies are slightly more effective than tubal occlusion. Vasectomies themselves are safer with less risks than tubal occlusion, and no increased risks of ectopic pregnancy if it fails.

Where did Planned Parenthood get the idea to reduce population control by targeting women? Epic Fail on their part.

Federal Money going to Planned Parenthood

All sources seem to agree that the Federal Funds are not allowed to go to abortions. Government money has a tendency to come with a huge contract of rules on that money, how to spend it, and how to account for it, and most entities receiving government funds are required to have an annual audit, so it’s highly unlikely defunding Planned Parenthood would stop any of the abortions because those abortions are not covered in government money.

Planned Parenthood and Mammograms

Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms, but they do offer breast health info. Snopes

Why aren’t we talking about this? I think they should start providing mammograms, and they would if we talked about it as much as we are talking about these videos. Instead of defunding them, I’d like to see funds go to mammograms, something you can only do when you give them federal funds.

You Don’t Have to Agree to Support

I don’t agree with a lot of Planned Parenthood’s gossip. But you don’t have to agree with something to support its cause. I disagree with Obama more than I agree with him, but I still thought he was the better option for President. I hate Autism Speaks, but I still donate because their 990 has improved (expenses looking much more legit, you go guys), and even when they abused the millions they received in donations, they still provided grants toward autism research, grants some of these programs depend upon.

I know many men who disagree with abortions but still want to promote a woman’s right to reproductive decisions and healthcare.

Planned Parenthood still, despite all the gossip, tries to help improve healthcare for women. Nothing is perfect in this world. Business entities, nonprofit or corporate, share that with people because they are operated by people.

I don’t agree with abortions, but don’t throw away all that scientific research.

I don’t understand why we are more appalled at how much Planned Parenthood is making off these sales than we are at the cost of obtaining these items after they wash through corporate America. A liver shouldn’t cost someone more than their house.


Oh. Brace Yourselves. She busted out in all caps on that one…

I believe if we asked God what He thinks about abortions, a strong feeling tells me He would say, “If you don’t want your baby, then give him to me.”

I totally understand our society’s need for this, even though I find it disgusting and morally wrong. I also understand society’s need to smack people in the face with a chair, but we aren’t funding or lobbying that one.

Hey Mom How Do You feel about abortions funny meme
I told you I’m not right in the head.

Make abortions legal, and you can control how the abortions are done and what happens to the unborn. Make it illegal, and you won’t control those things anymore. They will still happen. They did the last time we made it illegal. The only reason abortions are legal at this point is because so many women were getting hurt doing them illegally.

Let’s take a look at the reasons women have abortions.

According to a study in 2004 by Lawrence B. Finer at Guttmacher, the top reasons women have abortions include the following:

  • Having a baby would dramatically change my life
  • Would interfere with education
  • Would interfere with job/employment/career
  • Have other children or dependents
  • Can’t afford a baby now
  • Unmarried
  • Don’t want to be a single mother

You put it to me like that, and I will tell you the way to curb abortion rate right here will do more than making them illegal…

  • Affordable Child Care
  • Child Care as a Benefit (like health insurance)
  • Enforcing the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (nobody is following this law)
  • Planned Parenthood offering services to help fight discrimination against mothers.
  • Requiring, by law, more from the father than child support
  • A culture that placed men as equally responsible for their children as they do the women
  • A better economy… more jobs. Higher paying jobs. Lower costs of living.
  • AND things Planned Parenthood IS doing like educating women on reproduction and rights, providing access to birth control options and methods, and things like that. (Really sad Pro-Abortion Places are doing more to reduce abortions than Pro-Life organizations).
  • Oh yeah, and stop slut shaming women for getting knocked up. Men are the true whores anyway, like you guys suck at identifying the whore in the first place, meaning none of you are really qualified to speak on the subject. The mark of the whore is a penis. (All you mothers of sons, it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with being a whore.)

Now I need an IN CONCLUSION paragraph because it’s bad writing to just stop abruptly mid….


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