Sunday Prayer: Unity

I didn’t forget to write about Sunday Prayer. I just didn’t get a chance to write about it on Sunday. Sunday morning’s sermon has inspired this post and prayer.Unity1

My minister discussed unity, and I think it was a sermon a lot of non-Christians will be happy to know was preached to Christians, and I think it’s something everyone needs to hear. If you don’t believe in Christ, just skim through that part and get the gist of this point. The point is about Unity.

Unity is not uniformity. We aren’t all to look alike, like military soldiers. Unity is not unanimity. We don’t have to all agree on everything like a consensus. Unity is more like the orchestra where each instrument with diverse timbres play different melodies and different notes, yet combined, makes beautiful music. Unity is like the 1976 Steelers Defense, where it’s not about the all-star team, but about players who play well with each other and operate as a team.

When Christ was talking to his disciples before the impending pain He knew was coming, He said a lot of prayers, and one thing He said a lot… A lot, like Old Testament begetting a lot… Just as Father is in Christ, and Christ in the Father, that we be in them… We are one, as they are one. Christ in us. God in Christ. I have yet to sit and read through and decipher who is in who for each occasion, but generally speaking, unity is very important to the spirit.

The way I look at it, witches have covens for a reason. There’s simply power in numbers. And I think many in this world, Christian and non-Christian, want to promote love and peace and the very things Christ wanted to promote that got lost in religion and the nature of men, so with that said, I hope we can learn to unify in spirit, even with diverse religious differences.

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You don’t have to pray to the same God I pray to in order to help me help someone. You don’t have to pray the way I pray in order to spread the love God wants mankind to know.

The tolerance demanded by the concept of unity is found in both Truth and Grace. You speak what you consider truth. Don’t veer from it. If you are a Christian, don’t change your beliefs to suit others, just as I wouldn’t expect a Wiccan or atheist to do. But you can gracefully accept others in what they say. What they believe, they believe. If God wanted them to believe in Him, He would have made us that way. He gave us free will. Everyone is on their own spiritual path, on their own level. It’s like a 5 year old might say the sky is blue because unicorns and smurfs. We don’t correct their imagination because we deal with them on the level they are on. That’s how we need to be with each other. In the end, we are all children spiritually, growing and learning, as we are still in the flesh.

While we focus our interests on our beliefs in our every day life as individuals, as a group, we need to focus on listening to each other with sincerity. We need to avoid measuring each other by our own standards. Christians, you need to remember that Jesus died for people, not principles or a system, but people. He loves all of us, and if we are One in Christ, we will love all of us as He does.

So my prayer… Dear God, as civilization evolves into newer understandings, may we understand what it means to be United. May we learn to live with each other with respect and tolerance to differing opinions and beliefs. May we stop fighting with weapons in the name of God or gods. May we stop bickering about what You intended, or whether You exist. May we stop judging each other on differences from skin color to political ideals. May we all start searching for Truth together, as a team. United with love. United with peace in mind. May we run our governments, create our laws, and define life for everyone with unity in love for each other, not uniformity, not unanimity, but unity. And like the 1976 defense, may our unity in love stop any offending offensive group from breaking through. May we know Your Love, and may we unite in that Love. May we love each other the way You love us. In Christ’s Name we pray. Amen.





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