Sunday Prayer for the Government

Tuesday is Election Day, and I think the Church is more than welcome to pray for the government more than make the government pray for them… so… a Sunday Prayer for the Government…

Prayer for Government

In today’s sermon, my minister talked about Jesus’s arrest. There were some factors that went into play with how the government handled Jesus. They broke a lot of their laws in the process. Their hatred for Him outnumbered their love for law. I notice today, a lot of that still takes place.

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Cecily was sentenced to 90 days in jail, plus five years of probation. Read more about her story Image from

There are numerous of memes like this one that compares the injustice that takes place today. It seems poor people, black people, and women are not afforded the same grace that wealthy white males are afforded. Nobody seems to be tackling the inconsistencies in our justice system on a national level. Like the times of Christ’s Carbon Imprint, Justice still plays favorites.

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is at an all time high, or it was always there and we are just becoming more aware of it with cell phone video and internet. Either way, while Christ was beaten senseless for alleged tax evasion (which was proven false), many people still get a good foot to the face, or a clip emptied in their chest, for things like talking back, demanding their rights, purchasing a BB Gun, and stealing cigars.

There are probably many other similarities (and many differences) between the time of Christ and today with the way we handle government. There will always be the privileged who are entitled to a free ride full of hypocrisy against people trying to earn their way. The guy sitting in an Air Conditioned office filling out paperwork will be considered worth more to any corporation than the hands that build the products they sell. High-Brow Society, rich with a superiority complex that astounds psychological experts, will always have some version of slave labor. The guy adorned in luxurious attire will always be more important than the simple man, but without that simple man building his mansions and sewing his embellishments, the adorned would have nothing. A fact to which the adorned are oblivious.

Election day is right around the corner, and this year, we will be voting for local guys who are in charge of things that do affect our every day life in many ways, and guys we usually know very little about due to low media coverage and low funds for campaigns. These are the guys where you are most likely to encounter luxuries in politics like honesty, integrity, and a sincere desire to make the world a better place. These are guys (and gals) who usually have families they actually spend time with, and unlike the politicians on a federal level, these are people who do live in the world in which they govern.

So we shall pray… for our government… Dear God, thank you for your part in giving us the incredible freedom to have a say in the people who govern us. We thank you for democracy, and the power it gave us all. We thank all the soldiers who fought to make that possible, and all those who sacrificed in the process. We thank all the women who paved the way to equal rights, and all those involved in civil rights so that every man and woman has the chance to vote. We ask that you guide us in voting for people of character and principle, and most important, people of compassion and sincere interest for the people. We ask that no matter who is in office, that your light guide their way to the decisions they make for us and the people they serve. We ask that your will be done, no matter who is serving, no matter their religious beliefs, no matter if they publicly display their love for you or not. We also ask that the people continue to look at all sides of an equation, and that we push our politicians to serving you and the Love you stand for, whether we realize we are or not. We ask this in Christ’s Name. Amen.



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