Some stupid Air Force story because why not?

So a grunt on the Grunt Facebook page I like shared a story about BMT. I can’t tell these guys my stories because I was Air Force, and Army guys always thinks they are bigger more ferocious people, so everything I say is invalid (well that and I’m a girl and should be making sammiches in their small minds, and I’m the type of girl who serves men knuckle sandwiches so yeah…). I know the truth about the branches. I’m cool. Some Army are badasses, yes, but when shit gets crazy, too hot to handle, who do they call? The Air Force. and duh. Air Force spawned from the Army. We became our own branch when we met aliens. People need to learn their history… So with that said…

In tech school, during the weekends, we had regular instructors act as our MTL’s (babysitters). I liked these guys because we didn’t know enough about each other to hate each other yet. So, of course, that means I’m comfortable enough to fuck with them on a meaningless level. I go to the acting MTL who was playing cards with people, and I told him so and so had a stripper in their room. He freaked the fuck out. Threw his cards. Stood up cussing like he was about to kick some ass. He marched, stomped, like a toddler throwing a fit, all the way to the room, with a possy of Air Force students all ready to stir the shit pot. He pounded on the door like the police. The door opens, and as he opens his mouth to scream, he sees it. The floor stripper. That thing where you strip the old wax off the floor… He turned red, apologized for bothering anyone, his possy was cracking up, and they left with their tails between their legs…

And NO, I didn’t get in any trouble over it. Dude had a sense of humor. 



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