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Things about Michelle Grewe (that whore):

I’m a freelance writer and graphic artist, and I’m starting to try on the publishing gig for a while.

Get The Underachiever’s Guide to Perfect Holidays

An Ebook on easy peasy recipes and crafts, so easy, you can do them drunk (or with children, kind of the same thing).

I cuss. Sometimes like a drunken sailor, and sometimes like the good Baptist I am.

Crumpets and Bollocks is my personal blog of randomness. The Write Moms is where I blog about blogging and put art into public domain. Women of ILL Repute is coming soon, and will focus on helping those who identify as women to become more comfortable in their sexuality in a healthy manner. The Blog Bomb Awards is something I do annually for fun.

You can find all my professional “qualifications” on 

I’m also kind of psychic, and as a Christian, I hate it. I flip flop between focusing on it and not, like one minute, I think, “Find opportunity in adversity and write about it,” and the next minute, I think, “Nobody wants to read that crap.” I’m working on a memoir that will cover it at some point, but until then, I often capture spirit voices and will post them on Youtube.

Oh yeah, don’t freak about the Christian thing. I still science. I am all about religious tolerance (devil worshipers are welcome here, both Satanists and Luciferianists). In fact, if you want to give me your soul, I’d consider it, but I don’t know, long-term commitments aren’t really my thing. But I don’t really care who you pray to as long as you’re a decent person and don’t sacrifice virgins (dancing naked under the solstice moon is totally fine). I also like Darwin, which is Satan spelled backwards. I believe in evolution, like I also believe the souls evolve in heaven and hell, so put that in your pockets…

I don’t send emails often, but I’m trying to work on that. I don’t want to bother people, but I don’t want to be forgotten. It’s not that I’m an attention whore (though I have tried that on and can wear it for a few days at a time), it’s just that I kind of want to make the internet writing thing work, and I can’t do that unless you know what’s going on.

Sometimes I’m an idiot, but I have a high IQ, so it balances out. I’m still an idiot, a lot.

I’m very confusing too. It’s really hard to peruse anything I write. You almost have to read it word for word. Sometimes I try to make it perusable, but it’s not easy when your brain is as unorganized as mine.

If you signed up, thank you. I look forward to emailing you random things.

If you didn’t, I don’t know why you wouldn’t by now, like Christian who tolerates Satan is terrifyingly refreshing, and I’m so sure I won you over with, “not easy to peruse,” but these are just my finer qualities. I have some horrible ones too.




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