I own quite a few stores on the internet, as it was the first types of internet projects I started doing. Yes, not only am I a writer, but I’m also a starving graphic artist. Of course, you’ll want to shop at these places because only here will you find my level of absurdity with my classy art skills in one place. Unique gifts? I redefine UNIQUE.┬áHere they are…

Crumpets and Bollocks Store

Find all things ridiculous and absurd from the inner-ghettos of my mind. Suck my Rooster, Member of the Lollipop Guild… Also some spiritual and edgy feminine…


Fort Baby Brat

Find hilarious and touching military related apparel for your baby as well as your grown children, whether that be a son who just joined the Army or your husband you adopted from you mother-in-law.

The Dirty Bubble

Taste the flavor of whatever poison ails you in these fabulously ridiculous shot glasses, beer glasses, and flasks.


Looking for fonts? I offer some for sale and some for free. I’m still adding to the collection slowly.

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