Prayer Sunday – Happy Father’s Day

Fathers Day PrayerI used to do Prayer Sunday every week, and I’m going to try to do that again. Some more. It’s just where I type a prayer, one that I hope is awesome enough even atheists can’t disagree with the positive vibes, and everyone reading them collectively sends out good vibes into the world, and la-dee da-dee stuff that should go without being said. If we were really in a world of religious tolerance, then we’d be able to pray without defending why we do.

Today is Father’s Day–today being the day I’m writing and posting this. Today could be any day by the time you see it. But like mother’s day, every day should be Father’s Day too, but if we did that, then chaos would definitely ensueĀ because all the parents would be enjoying their days off, and the kids would take over the world Lord of the Flies Style (for those who didn’t read the book, the kids become power hungry assholes, form cliques, and the cliques go to battle West Side Story Style–gangs–and then kids kill kids in their struggle for kid domination).

Warning: I shall be praying in the language of secular tongue. It’s a lot different than what you will get at church. I pray like this all the time. God speaks all languages, including secular tongue.

Bow your heads and close your eyes. I’m kidding. You can’t read like that. You can bow your heads and say your own prayer though.

Dear God.

All prayers generally start out with a thank you for being God pep talk when I’m at church, so let’s start with that. Thank you for everything you do for me, my family and this world. Thank you for enduring a torturous death and then defeating death so that grace may save us all. To me, this goes without being said because what I stand for speaks for itself, but you are and always will be God, the alpha and omega, the most powerful from the most high, infinitely, with the most awesome glory the spiritual world has to offer.

What most prayers forget to tell us is it’s because your love conquers all. Only you will love us the way we need to be loved. Only your love can heal a broken soul. Only your love can help us rise above any evil. So thank you for being God because anyone else would have totally sucked at that position with all that power. Help us, the people of the world, embrace your love enough to use it to help others.

My father is up in heaven, with you. That should make his morning ritual go so much easier. When he was on the earth, he would sit at the table Indian style with his orange juice and cigarette and pray for a couple hours. Now he can just sit at your table and talk to you directly. I bet he still drinks that orange juice.

Thank you for giving me him as a father. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better father myself. He raised me to be a person I can be proud of, no matter what failure I face. I may screw everything up, but I will always have the character and values he raised me to have.

He caught me every time I fell, and he took good care of me to a point where I can’t find anyone else who comes close to take over where he left off. He led with a perfect example, and I know I’m not the only one who wishes I could be more like him. The reason so many wish we could be more like him was because he was so much like you, God.

I pray more men become the kind of father he was, the kind of father You are, not just because that would make a better world of better children growing into better adults, but also because every kid needs a father like you two (and Christians are so against kids having 2 dads not realizing we all already do).

So I ask you help all the fathers in the world raise their kids to love them the way you love us.

To make sacrifices.

To work hard, and take so much pride in their work they could write a book on work ethic, and then take even more pride in knowing they provided for their family, even if they are divorced.

I ask you inspire all the fathers to forgive. Forgive the mothers because every kid needs both parents on the same team, even if they aren’t living together anymore. And may these fathers also forgive their child, over and over again, because a child will need that kind of perpetual forgiveness.

May they teach their children the art of responsibility in work and decisions, even if they have to drive around town for an extra 20 minutes on the way home to talk about it some more.

May they lead by example by studying your ways, whether they emulate you in their religious studies, or someone who is like you in the secular world.

May they let their kids know they are proud of them, despite all the discipline.

May they be involved in every aspect of their child’s life, as a coach and cheerleader, and most importantly, as life’s body guard.

May they help the mom with the dishes and rub her back and feet frequently.

May we emulate the Lion Kingdom so that every Lion has his Pride. His family. Not his money. Not his meat. But his family.

May fathers take pride in their role in that family as Vice President, second to only mom. šŸ˜‰ For real, let them take pride in whatever role their situation has placed upon them, no matter who is wearing pants or not.

May they catch every baby they throw in the air and figure out how to put all the things together without those instructions.

May they realize their sprouts are more important than their seed.

And may our world appreciate all the fathers who do these things so that all men will know that the most important thing oneĀ can do in this life is leave behind a legacy of theirĀ love, your love, in the form of life.

I ask you this God for all the fathers out there. I ask you this for the father of my children.

I think I chose my spouse based on fatherhood abilities more so than husband qualities, and part of me is very grateful he has become the father I saw he could be long before we got into the reproduction thing.

He makes sure that he spends his days off with the kids, doing something special, whether it’s quality time with them so I can get a break, or together as a family enjoying the fruits of his labor.

He has grown into worrying about making sure all the bills are paid and money left over for fun, many times making himself wait on something he wants so that he canĀ give the kids something they can take for granted.

He has overcome his own culture embracing the idea of his woman having a career, one that’s more important to her than cleaning her house.

He does rub my feet almost every night.

He may take 3 hours to fill up half of the very small dishwasher, but he will try it at least once in a while.

He has been a rock for me to lean on, stand on, and throw at people.

Thank you God for my husband. Thank you for providing my children a wonderful father. He is truly a blessing. I can only pray that you can bless everyone with a great father here on earth.

And God, of all things, Happy Father’s Day. You have always been my father. You are the only one who could possibly take over where my father left off. Thank you for your fierce love and protection, and thank you for not giving up on me, no matter how many times I doubt you. They say you don’t give us more than we can handle, so I also thank you for having that much faith in me,Ā more than I would ever in my wildest imagination have in myself. Thank you for being my father in heaven and on earth, and thank you for giving me my father here on earth. Please find him and wish him a Happy Father’s Day for me. Don’t forget the really big hug.

Thank you for letting me bask in some of your Glory.

In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray.


Something didn’t want me to write this today. I had some spiritual issues within this house, and I have had them for a few days now. They were just getting too much to handle, so I did some smothering while playing this prayer, and I highly recommend letting this 6 hours of a prayer on repeat play in hour house while you sleep once in a while.



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  1. Valerie
    June 21, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    Beautiful prayer! Praise be to our Heavenly Father! Without Him I would not be standing as tall, as my earthly father failed and disregarded his responsibilities and instead pained my childhood with hypocrisy and abuse. God gave me strength to forgive and overcome.

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