My Psychic Prophetic Nostradamussness

Fortune of Death

In 1,000 years from now, well shit. I don’t know. I’m psychic and can’t tell you what the world will be like in 1000 years. I don’t know the winning lottery numbers either, but I can tell you a couple things prophetic.

Where will YOU be in a thousand years?

Life on earth in this realm and dimension is short lived compared to the life you’ll have after. It was designed for death.

I dream of hell a lot. I also dream of heaven. They are two entirely different worlds. I don’t know what gets you to heaven. I don’t know if Jesus Christ is the son of God, but I do know if you talk about Jesus around demons, they don’t like it. I do know demons hate going to church. I also know there really truly is a God, the Father, and God, the Son. That’s what they call themselves. And they are GOD. Not gods. GOD. I also know about 10 different cultural religions have a story similar to Christ, as if the story happened on a different plane of existence than ours before humans inhabited this realm. I also know there are dimensions in between heaven and hell, and the spirits of those worlds will claim people, so there’s probably a chance for some sort of paradise for good people who don’t believe in any god. Those worlds are not bad worlds to live eternally, but they are not heaven either. There are gods out there who are benevolent. But they are not God. They are fine with that, and in my opinion at this point, I’m glad they exist for those who don’t want to believe in God.

But I want to change that. I want paradise for everyone. Even the sinners, murderers, rapists… Nobody deserves hell. If you knew what hell was like, you wouldn’t want to send anyone there no matter how bad they hurt you. Even the ones with power will often scream in pain. I often pray for those in hell that God save them too. I don’t think I’d ever truly ever be at peace in heaven knowing what others go through in other dimensions.

You probably hated reading that, and you may think I’m an idiot now. I don’t care. I have fucking convictions and shit. I’ve seen and endured shit that I will talk about later in a book, but after all that, as a writer, I feel compelled to report the news as I see it.


Where will Earth Be in a Thousand Years?

Fuck if I know, but I can tell you on the path we are on now, this is what I see…

The Mayans declared this age an age where good conquers evil. We are at the beginning phase of it, so we aren’t going to see it too much. It’s more of a spiritual war time, and a time of change. In a thousand years, we will be 1/5 of a way into it. And there’s a good possibility that compassion, love, and humanity will conquer power, greed, and evil, or on the brink of it. But there will still be both of those lurking.


You may hate genetically modified foods, but that’s all that will be available. It’s good humans will have a way to nourish themselves without nature because we are shitting all over nature that nature won’t be healthy anymore. Nature will be poison. In many places, it already is. Now I’m not sure how we will handle water at that point, but I have a feeling it will be lab water. It won’t be free. You’ll have to buy it like you would the rest of your groceries.

It’s possible that we will have some form of natural preservation. We are lagging too much on environmental protection via law and enforcement of said law, but at some point, we will realize the gravity of the situation, and we will have knowledge from scientific advancements that will help us preserve what’s left, and it will be a huge priority that has been shoved under the rug in this era.

America, Government, and The World Powers

I don’t see America falling like Rome. I see it morphing into either a world power (and getting larger), or the rebel against world power (and getting smaller). I don’t think even a nuclear strike would kill our country. If anything, we’d fight the country that bombed us and take over turning them into a democracy with people in power who we approve of for purposes of our global objectives. A lot of you are still worried about Russia, but we built modern Russia behind the scenes, and they are exactly what we want them to be.

No government will work out well for the people because of evil. We will fuck up every system imaginable no matter how bullet proof it may seem. There will always be a class system. There will always be poverty. There will always be the elite living in luxury.

The American government will micromanage people because the current majority is obsessed with telling people how to live. There will be so many laws, anyone at any given time will be breaking a few of them unintentionally, and people abusing power will fuck the ones they don’t like over. It will be a lot like hell in that aspect because you won’t be able to trust anyone, and everything you do will be a passive aggressive war against your personal enemies. Power will be more desired because it will be necessary for survival.

Government will be more of a corporation than a government. They will own things. There will be a bank of the government, utilities of the government… Either in the form of the government owning these things in the spirit of making it available to the people, or in the form of laws requiring one to have these things with private corporations consisting of the government behind the government. The Obamacare mentality will spread to other industries.

I see currently, the majority, are wanting to HELP each other with good intentions. While they don’t approach it the best way, the important thing is the hearts are going into the right place, and eventually, because of that, there will be more peace and happiness and all that jive in some mysterious way in which God works, despite the ignorance involved with it.

There will probably be aliens among us. Certain breeds will favor one country over another, and their wars will carry on here. We probably won’t be doing space travel despite the aliens because they don’t want us there. They don’t want to be Americanized like we have every country we invaded.

Paper money will probably disappear and it will all be electronic. It will be worthy of a new slew of articles about the evil of the banking system and money system.

There will probably be a New World Order. Either the conspiracy theories are true, or something similar to it will form. With technology, there is a global community now. We will need a world government to police the internet, travel, and wars… and eventually laws that need to be the same no matter where you are like copyrights. It will probably be similar to when our states formed a federal government. Some countries won’t want it, and we will go to war with those countries.

The People

We will probably have evolved to handle more xrays and radioactivity.

People will be dumber, like the movie Idiocracy. A real education won’t be free. If they make college free, then a new higher form of education will charge money for it. Yeah, sure we’ll all be able to read, probably in multiple languages, but we won’t be able to think nor have the power to do so. We’ll be afraid to think for ourselves.

There’s a very high chance that women will be superior to men. I can see a world where there are more women in power than men because we are used to doing all the work. The men won’t mind because we will be taking care of them. They’ll play video games all day and drink beer while we man the jobs, the country, and the household.

The population will be smaller because there are very intelligent people in power who realize that the biggest impact on global warming is the people. It’s more than just consuming. Our existence is part of the problem. Once they talk others in power into their theories, there will be a eugenics movement bigger than anything we’ve seen in the past, but nobody will notice. They’ll probably sell all aspects of it to something people would vote for without realizing the ulterior motives.

What I’d Like to See?

I’d like to see a world where there is no more race. Everyone is all the races.

I’d like to see a world where there is no starvation or poverty.

I’d like to see a world where pain meds are safer, more effective, and administered more often. We may die from any disease that hits us, but it would be nice if people could live and die painlessly. I wish there was a shift in priority from stopping death to stopping pain. Instead, if you go to the ER, their primary mission is to help keep you alive, and not give anything for the pain because they don’t want you to be addicted and abuse it. Those with chronic pain are fucked because they don’t want to help those people. I’d like to see that end.

I’d like to see a world where love is valued more than money. Where the greedy want to give out of greed for love.

I’d like to see a world where people enjoy themselves. Where you can go to a bar and see people dancing for fun and pleasure rather than attention seeking. Where PTA meetings don’t suck. Where people are working a job they feel a passion for rather than something to earn a wage.

I’d like to see a world where people see our children are the future, and they invest more time into their children, and parent from a nurturing standpoint rather than a critical standpoint. Where our children’s education is a higher priority and a more discussed topic than cat videos and guns. Everyone is more concerned about making schools safer than making schools teach something. Yes safety is important, but our education system sucks. I’d love to see a world where parents get to do the parenting and the schools do the teaching and butt out of the parenting.

I’d like to see a world that doesn’t cut down all the fucking trees. For a few years, every car I owned, the AC went out in ways that couldn’t be repaired. I purposely tried to do more of my driving in the country because it was cooler than in town because everyone cut down all the trees and replaced it with landscaping small ass trees. When I drove in town, I had to stop every 5 minutes to make sure my baby was still alive. One time, I had to pull over and ask people if my kids could play under their tree in their yard for a few minutes to cool down. It was THAT BAD. If global warming is an issue, y’all gonna need trees for shade, or it will be hot as hell, literally. Ponce, Puerto Rico knows how to build a town. We need to be more like that. They have trees everywhere, and it’s beautiful and cool and breezy. They do that because it’s hot as hell down there.

I’d love to see a world that is happy.

This is part of Finish the Sentence Friday.

Finish the Sentence Friday

I would have edited to make it shorter and just keep the top part, but I was thinking it’s possible I’m right about some of this shit, and there’s a good chance they’ll read this 1,000 years from now and deem me a Nostradamus. It’s like my lottery ticket to fame. Of course, I’ll be too dead to notice, but why not? Right?

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3 comments for “My Psychic Prophetic Nostradamussness

  1. November 1, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    These are some great predictions! Maybe you WILL be the next Nostradamus. At a minimum, there are some great sci-fi movie plots in there. Now all we need is Matt Damon….
    The legendary Anna Fitfunner indescribably inscribed…A Thousand Seconds (FTSF)My Profile

  2. November 2, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I’d love to see a happy world too, Michelle. I hope you are right about the good things, but it would suck to have to buy water. I could do without paper money – I never have it anyway.

    You mean there aren’t aliens among us right now?
    The legendary Dana indescribably inscribed…Who I amMy Profile

  3. November 10, 2015 at 1:06 am

    Dang girl. Ok so I only just now realized I never did comment last week when you posted this as we were talking about FTSF tonight on FB. First, I’d LOVE to be in your head for an hour, or a day. The things you see and dream about are incredible to me. And next? I love love love the way you want things to be. Love. All the races. Love. Children mattering. Trees not being cut down… that. Awesome amazing job, you.
    The legendary Kristi Campbell indescribably inscribed…The 80’s. Or, When I Was 19 and Knew Everything.My Profile

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