Mr. Dream Prince Charming Guy

When I was young and single, I dreamt up my Prince Charming.

1. Tall, dark and handsome
2. Accept me for me
3. Like my poetry
4. Believe in God
5. Tiger in Bed
6. Hold a decent job
7. Good with kids
8. Preferably have military experience (love me my soldier boys)
9. A man who can argue like an adult and then forgive
10. IQ at least 120

Now that I’m old and married to a man who satisfies all the above, I have decided this is what makes Prince Charming Charming…

1. Must do dishes once in a while
2. Must enjoy rubbing my feet daily

This man does all the above except the dishes…

My husband


If you want a man who does all the above plus the dishes, you are pretty much looking for this guy right here…


Prince Charming Who Will SAVE You



Now that I’ve explained how awesome my husband is, I can still bitch about him. Find out his flaws by purchasing a book I’m in called Clash of the Couples. This is where I confess the craziness of my marriage, and all the things that almost brought us to divorce… Not stupid things like proposing to an ex girlfriend on Facebook. No. I’m talking really important things like chicken dinner.


Meanwhile, the Walmarts and Dollar Generals are already starting to highlight their Valentine’s Day gear… BEFORE Martin Luther King Day. That’s like selling Christmas in October. Anywho, with that said, check out this CHARMING crap…

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Can’t get more romantic than this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



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