Middle School Musical (it’s way cooler than the high school one)

Jen Kehl is making do this. As we speak, she is here holding a raw sausage to my ear threatening to smack me in the cheek with Salmonella if I don’t write this. Ok. Not in this realm. But I’m sure she is in a different dimension, so to save myself from Salmonella Cheek Disorder in another dimension, I’m going to write it.

hozacRemember back in the day of cassette tapes when we’d record our favorite songs into our own little play list? Some from the radio– piracy at its finest ARRRRR, and others from tapes we actually purchased. There’s always that one that you love so much, it actually has places where you had to tape the tape back together from that time it got eaten.

Jen wants to know our Middle School Music Pleasures because she’s going to Blog U, and so am I, and at Blog U, they are making us dress for a dance in our awkward middle school finest (I’ll probably post pictures later).

I’m going to spare myself the pain of embedding videos and just link to my Middle School Playlist. But first realize I had 2 personalities in Middle School. I started off as an outcast, like not even the nerds really liked me. I was lost in the 80’s for about a year and a half. Then I made a new set of friends who accepted me for me.

didnt_go_to_med_school_still_most_famous_doctorAnd I must say, from those years, the best album of all time, where you can listen to it from beginning to end over and over and love every song, where every song was just as awesome as the last and you can’t pick a favorite… Doggystyle.

Then of course, this was an era of one of the best female vocalists of all time, ranked up there with Mary J. Blige, Patsy Cline, and Peggy Lee: Whitney Houston. I don’t think anyone else has her range as comfortable sounding as she.

I do also have a mix tape for general nostalgia of my favorite moments of my life: STUFF MY FRIENDS AND I SCREAMED OUT THE WINDOW OF MY CAR. This entails high school and college.

In fact you should probably follow me on YouTube so you can hear my ghosts, demons, angels, and other beings from other dimensions (IF you can hear them, not everyone does, but some do). You can also see my awesome cleavage in a pumpkin carving video that over 4,000 men probably masturbated to, or referenced at some point in tenderizing their meat. And check out my ridiculous play lists, like my favorite playlist I play the most is my Sammich Making Playlist.

My Pumpkin Carving Tits

If haven’t clicked my link to Middle School awesome, go for it. Put your hands in the air. Wave them around like you just don’t care. And you don’t stop. And you don’t quit. Biatch!

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  1. Ok, seriously LOL about Electric Avenue that was me in Jr High, was it still playing when you were? And I would never hit you with a sausage! I won't even touch a sausage! This was crazy to listen too, I was DEEP into following the Grateful Dead during this era. So I had no clue at all what was playing on the radio, or even what was hout there. I wondered where these songs came from! Thanks for the trip!

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