January Monthly

In the name of the attention-whorism my blog implies, I think I’m going to try a monthly wrap up… again. We’ll see if I remember to do this next month, but it’s part of my system to monitor results of my goal making happenings. Like if all my other blogs and projects are instruments, this blog is the conductor.

So why you should you read it? Because this is more important than Bill Clinton’s Dick, that’s for damn sure, and I distinctly remember a time when we were all obsessed over that thing and who was sucking it.

Michelles Monthly

Things I did for a Klondike Bar

  1. I started a new blog: Women of ill Repute
  2. I did a series on making a Business Plan on The Write Moms. Well most of it. The rest will be out soon.
  3. Lisa Nolan and I chatted about our goals, so expect some great books coming from our combined efforts!
  4. I got a new camera
  5. I cheated on my husband with GoDaddy. Well, I talked to GoDaddy more than my husband this month.

Things that make you go Hmmm, what the fuck is she smoking?





Things I Realized

I totally am biting off more than I can chew, and I’m talking with my mouth open while smacking lips obnoxiously. I really meant that metaphorically, but I seem to literally do that when I’m eating a lot, except hot wings. We don’t speak while I eat hot wings. The first rule of hot wings is don’t talk to me when I’m eating hot wings. And I don’t smack my lips with hot wings. I slurp.

The devil is most likely really hot. I meant sexy, but he’s probably the other hot too. That’s fucked up to say. AND I wonder if he even likes Devils Food or Deviled Eggs…

I’m not an easy person to argue with, and I still feel bad for murdering that one guy’s ego.

I’m condescending and confusing, and I need to stop that shit because I’m also a writer-ish.






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