Happy Easter and Love from the Beatles Soundtrack

I don’t think I can beat last Easter’s Post with a balance of religion and humor. So if you are debating on reading one of the two, so far I vote you read last year’s Easter Post. Are you still reading? Oh, you opted to read both. Good for you. Or even better, you already read last year’s post because you have been with me that long. No you aren’t old yet; I have yet to grow up. I know, most of you are more actually like, “Eff-ornicate you I’m not reading that other post with this one, you are lucky I’m reading this one… make me read two posts bitch be trippin.” Well I’m going to bring it up again. Just sayin.

Okay, so Sunday Confession’s writing prompt is LET.

Well that reminds another random person and I of the song Let it Be. So maybe we should listen to that song while we read. Mmmkay?

This is not really a political blog post, but to introduce my concept… I posted a Facebook status about how it completely dumbfounds me the way Murica is right now. If you aren’t from ‘Murica, if you happen to dwell on the outskirts of earth since ‘Murica is earth, or you’ve been too busy watching reality tv you didn’t notice, let me explain our political and religious ideals in a nut shell. We have Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans are generally Christians who go against everything Christ ever taught. The Democrats are generally anti-Christian yet they stand for quite a bit of what Christ stood for. Which concludes, yes all you outsiders, we are exactly what you’ve suspected all along. Petty. We lack substance. We have no idea what we are doing. We are hypocrites. It’s probably the water, the pills, and the ketchup.

This country gives our people the freedom to think for themselves, and this is what they do with it? It’s a downright dirty shame. True patriots who bled for that freedom are tossing and turning in their graves. We are the children they fought for. We are the children they expected to think and learn with our freedoms of thoughts and speech and liberties like free education. We are supposed to be the evolution, not the revolution.

Why not listen to the words of not-so-holy Paul McCartney’s Mother Mary? Let it be.

All you Christians freaking out about feeding the hungry and healing the sick. That is the way of Christ. They agree with you. Let it be.

All you Atheists freaking out about Christians who are shoving their religion down your throat. Love and humanity is the way of Christ. They agree with you. Let it be.

Now let’s flip the soundtrack a bit with these fresh funky beats for the rest of this…

Easter is supposed to be a time of renewal and resurrection. Last year I posted about this, did you not read it yet? If not, take a second to find out about how T’is the season to eff word. I say this year, we all try to up the game and resurrect ourselves out of the icy shells winter brought us, out of the pettiness Christmas made us, out of the hibernation the cold kept us in, and be inspired by this season when the bunnies frolic, when the love birds build a nest together, when Jesus resurrected from a brutal harsh death, and we should strive to become the shining, warm light in this world that makes the flowers bloom and the grass green. In other words, stop being assholes.

It’s the time of year to be fuck-happy, not Scrooges. We should be opening ourselves up to the love others have to give, and giving love in return. Let people worship Jesus or Allah or whoever the fuck they want to worship. It’s all good. Feed some hungry people. Take care of some sick people. Forgive. Let go of the past. Embrace the future. Be positive.

And most important, let other people live. Don’t get up on their game like you the referee. You don’t know their shoes. I promise you, nobody is as stupid as you think they are, despite their opinion. Instead of trying to change their mind, change your attitude. It’s not about winning the debate, it’s about getting along. It’s not about your ego, it’s about your aether.

Speaking of which, I also promise you that you are right. You are the victim to some sort of circumstance that sucks. How do I know you, in particular you, are the victim? Because everyone is the victim. Any YOU can read this and I’ll be right because we all are victims to suckage. That doesn’t mean your sob story has to beat the next guy’s sob story. Sob stories are like time. It’s relative. It’s sadness depends on where you are standing. I’m just saying. Remember that. Because someone complaining of a broken nail might seem like a pansy, but sometimes they are just as broken as you who endured so much more.

This is a problem in this world. People stopped caring about other people’s pain. People stopped listening to each other’s sob stories in an effort to eliminate their own pain. Instead of getting all holier than thou I don’t need you in my life, why not just, I don’t know, offer some sort of inspiration or motivation or encouragement or something. Do that instead of overacting. Please. Overacting is the very reason people don’t give a shit about sob stories anymore. And being stuck on your own story invalidating everyone else’s also kills credibility and fucks people could give. Always remember, you are not the only person on this earth who bleeds. In war, it’s a bleeding soldier who cares for your wounds.

I would say the theme of this message is, this world is more than about you. When you debate politics, when you discuss family goals, when you are standing in line at the check out counter staring at unruly children, remember IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. And it doesn’t have to be. The more you make your life about you, the lonelier your death is going to be. We all need to stop staring at the world like it’s a gold we have to obtain, or a mountain we have to conquer. It’s a place where spirits dwell; where love is the ultimate prize.

I wrote a poem. Sort of.

The Message of the Playlist: Decoding the secret messages the Beatles have been trying to tell us

A Day in the Life across the Universe,
The Long and winding road,
I saw her standing there.
Oh Darling, I want to hold your hand–
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Love me do.

Hey Jude! Drive my car. Don’t let me down.
Come together.
Norwegian wood, a hard day’s night in my Life.

I am the Walrus.
Obla Dee Obla Da; Twist and Shout

Can’t buy me love.
All you need is love.
Let it be.
Here comes the sun.

What does it mean? We are all just walruses in yellow submarines trying to find love.

We chase after rainbows all our lives looking for what? Love. That’s all people want. That’s all we need. And that’s the one thing we are most reluctant to do. And one thing we are most reluctant to accept. The one thing we try to buy with money and find ourselves more desperate for it than ever. So Let. Let love happen. You will find love when you love.

You do totally realize I just took the message of Christ and cloaked it as if it came from The Beatles, right?

If you are totally daft and missed what wasn’t so obvious, this whole post is about Love, defined by one of the Corinthians in the Bible, which sums up to, “Don’t be a selfish asshole. Be a decent human being.” I’m just saying, tis the time of year to wake up and smell the dirty diapers and clean house. It’s the time of growth. And the way we humans grow is via love.

I know. I’m a little abstract.

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