How to be God: A tutorial on omnipotence and compassion

#1000 Speaks. A Movement for compassion.

Judge Not JesusDoctors suffering from the God-Complex enjoy being in charge of one’s pain and one’s comfort from pain, some morbidly forcing you to endure pain just for ego. We all want to be God: the dust to create, the lust to destroy. Even atheists find themselves thirsting for the knowledge a god would possess through science. We want freedom of choice. We seek power. It’s almost as if we have an intrinsic urge to be as close to God as possible, emulating every aspect of His Power for recognition, ego and worth.

We do it all wrong.

We seek power. We strive for perfection. We expect order. 

BUT if we truly want to know what it is to be God, we would emulate the closest thing we know of God, Jesus.

We would seek Love. We would strive for patience. We would expect peace.

We would move with compassion.

Compassion Bible 1 Peter

We would move with compassion.

That is what it truly means to be God. That is His true power. Compassion is the driving force behind His Works.

Instead of causing someone’s pain, a real God releases them from the burden. Instead of bringing someone down, real power would lift them up. Anyone can write a story designed to depress and sadden, or anger and outrage, but a true artist will use their words to heal and inspire, to enrich and empower.

Compassion requires Love. If you do not love, you will not find compassion. A homeless man stands on a street corner with a cardboard cutout asking for spare change for his next meal. A compassionate man will give him some money; however, in order to defeat all logic that this homeless man deserves his homelessness for bad decisions, whether they be in the past or present, one must love the man enough to give him money despite his bad decisions.

Love and Compassion Dalaia Lama 2

It is in love do we find real empathy. We can’t understand someone’s pain without caring for them in the first place. The love is what fuels us to dig deeper to understand the salt in someone’s tear. The love is what motivates us into finding what pain causes those bad decisions that would deem someone homeless or in another desolate state whether it be of addiction or criminality. A woman making excuses behind why she can’t make it to rehab is probably not making excuses, and probability dictates you might not do any better if in her shoes.

Without empathy AND Love, we cannot truly find sympathy for someone else because it is in understanding their pain can we find the sincere pity to sympathize. It’s the sympathy that drives us to act. Without it, we let someone else handle it. A 5 year old girl receives a stuffed animal from a charity the night her house burned down. Who would ever think to create a charity like that?

It is through intervention do miracles happen. A grieving widow finds comfort in the hallmarks on the cards she will save her entire life, and read on those lonely nights missing him that you can’t be there for in person. It is under the stacks of cards does she realize she is not alone. A miracle is making someone realize they are not alone when nobody can be there.

All evil you see is a symptom of a deeper condition. It is the symptom of a broken soul. Only love can mend spiritual wounds. And it is the truest power of God to heal the soul.

If you can find love for a homeless stranger in desperate need of a shower and a meal, then you will know what it means to be God.

If you can find love for a prisoner guilty of his crime and show him mercy, then you will know what it means to be God.

If you can mend one stitch in someone’s soul with a bite-sized piece of compassion, then you will truly know what it means to be God.

compassion-lion-and-zebra-love 2

The more you do this, the more you will see God and all His glory. Whether you believe God exists or not, you can still believe in the power of love. You can still have faith that had God exist, the benevolence you wish for Him, the benevolence you wish for yourself, is powerful enough to heal the broken. That good is powerful enough to conquer evil. That everything Jesus Christ stood for is something worth fighting for, and something worth emulating.

Solidarity. With 1000 voices speaking up for compassion, maybe 1000 is a force enough to be God-like in omnipresence. If you don’t believe God exists, you can make Him exist by joining the movement. If you do believe God exists, you can make yourself His instrument by joining the movement.

So I ask all my readers, next time you see a homeless person begging for spare change, show him the same love and compassion you expect of God. Not the love you think God has for him, but the love you think God SHOULD have for him. Next time someone comes at you with a sob story, seek to understand them the way you think Jesus should have. Listen to people the way you think God should be listening to their prayers. Dare to love others with fierce determination like its a weapon against everything you hate. Whether you believe in Him or not, you will know what it means to be God, and you will see Miracles.

Miracles like civil rights when the world enslaved people of dark skin. Miracles like Jewish people walking out of concentration camps to a Promised Land of freedom. Miracles you might not ever know about, like saving a life because your kindness kept someone from committing suicide.

We come into this world as a miracle. We come into this world with blind unconditional love for the people around us. This is what it means to be God. This is what it is meant to be to be made in His Image. Be that miracle for someone.

Born a miracle compassion

Movement for compassion.

Move with Compassion.




  1. I love your theme here - moving with compassion. I can remember my grandmother - who I know to have been a very compassionate mother, grandmother, sister, teacher - when I asked about why she didn't give that man "spare change" she said he would just waste in on something he didn't need. And that's what I've always thought and I've even repeated it a generation later to my son. I love that you wrote, "one must love the man enough to give him money despite his bad decisions." because who are we to judge him/her?
  2. "That everything Jesus Christ stood for is something worth fighting for, and something worth emulating." Believer or not this is so worth following ... Belief systems vary but Not a soul doesnt know what Christ, Buddah, Allah, ... stood for... a universal ruler of sorts yes?
  3. Christ is the King of Compassion, yes? If only we all had even the slightest part of God in us, we would be MOVED to act on our sympathy, our empathy and out pity... that is all founded in love. God IS love! We are God's Hands and Feet. Be someone's miracle, INDEED! What a powerful piece here, Michelle!
  4. This is beautiful, my friend. Truly. I very much believe that we all were born as miracles and should live as though we are. And I love love your words about treating others the way that we believe God and Jesus SHOULD treat them. <3 Pinned and tweeted. #1000Speak Truly good job on this - I adore it
  5. Michelle, I agree that love can foster compassion. I believe that respect can lead to compassion as well. When I respect someone else's humanity, I can reach out to them and lift them up. And as you wrote so eloquently, if you can mend one stitch in someone’s soul with a bite-sized piece of compassion, then you will truly know what it means to be God. Yes.

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