The Crumpets and Bollocks Gift Guide 2015

Crumpets and Bollocks presents its 2015 Gift Guide... Ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts for kids and teens that aren't toys or video games, and so much more. Teachers, Secret Stash... Why do I have this feeling everyone is sick of gift guides? Yet most of you can’t resist to at least peruse it… I know I can’t. Gift guides are that light moths like to fly into. It will kills us, but oooh….

Maybe it’s just me. I’m a shop-a-holic. I have a huge addiction to shopping. When I was single, the worst thing I ever did was get a credit card to Victoria Secret, no that’s not the worst thing I did, but it was the worst thing I could do for myself… Now that I’m a mom, my kids are spoiled with a shit ton of toys because I. Can’t. Stop.

Last year, I blew 3 grand on Christmas because we had the money. Had I known one of my Facebook friends was homeless, I could have sent her a grand and saved my kids from affluenza, but I didn’t know because narcissism and shopping… Something to think about though… You don’t know which of your friends need help, but I’m sure someone does…

But apparently, shopping is a topic I’m kind of an expert at now… It’s like getting sex advice from a whore (which I can do that too, coming soon is Women of ILL Repute).

Gifts for Kids

Stocking Stuffers

  1. Golden Sparkle Unicorn Horn
  2. Oil Pastels
  3. Jewelry
  4. Happy Meal Toys you found unopened they forgot about
  5. Hand Sanitizer

Gifts that are NOT Toys

  1. Old School Popcorn Making Cart
  2. Crapalicious Mini Claw Machine
  3. Microscope / Telescope
  4. Roller Skates
  5. Real Art Supplies (not the toy boxed crap; no go to the canvas section of a craft store)

Gifts for Teenagers

Teenagers are difficult to purchase for; here are some ideas:

Stocking Stuffers

  1. Movie Tickets
  2. Socks with money rolled in them
  3. Lottery Scratch Offs
  4. Gigantic Gummy Bear
  5. Earbuds

Gifts that are NOT Video Games

  1. Boys — Hoodies / Girls — Sweaters with sleeves long enough to drape over hands
  2. Cologne: Boys — Issey Miyake (ee see mee ah kee) / Girls — Love Spell
  3. Manicure and Pedicure Sets (boys too, ever see men who should not be wearing sandals?)
  4. The Tao of Pooh (on account of hormones)
  5. Adult Coloring Books
  6. If you have like $600 to blow… Hoverboard

Gifts for Teachers

  1. An apple with homemade caramel dip
  2. A good book and books for the classroom
  3. Wine with this Label
  4. Instead of candy, opt for fruit basket
  5. Something your kids make that’s memorable

Gift Stash

My mother always kept a stash of odd gifts she finds on sale throughout the year. After Christmas, she shops the sales for next Christmas. But you want to keep some wrapped gifts you can give just anyone in case of Surprise! Sometimes people show up unannounced with gifts, and other times, you totally forgot to get something for that person you are just about to meet… Then of course, there’s those people: Are we exchanging gifts or not?

  1. A box of chocolates (the Christmas themed wrapped ones often go on sale at pharmacies like Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens)
  2. An ornament
  3. Christmas Decor Items
  4. A popcorn tin
  5. Anything you find on sale that’s gender neutral

My TOP FAV’s for E-Books to E-Mail (it’s that easy)

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