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Crumpets and Bollocks: My personal blog with raw and uncut madhattery of the inner workings of my mind. This is the place I break all the rules of grammar, appropriateness, and social reindeer games. I speak my mind with no filter. This blog has no niche, and the search terms to this blog range from sex to prayer with a little economics and politics.

Women of Ill Repute: Sex and Sexuality for those who identify with the female gender as a public service to improve sexual mental health for those the culture dictates to repress unhealthily. You can dramatically improve your health, life and successes by hitting your inner Freud, and this site is designed to help you do just that.

DIY Mom for the Holidays: Recipes, crafts and DIY decoration ideas for the holidays.  If you want to know how well these Pinterest ideas work out in reality, this is the blog for you.

Blogging As I Learn It: Blog posts about blogging and graphic design.

My Free Art

My Flickr: Free Stock Photos and Vintage Stuff

BrushEezy: Where I put Photoshop Elements and Some Backgrounds

VectEezy: Where I put my EPS files

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Facebook Pages:

Here is a list of the Facebook pages I manage. Original content and updates of my life are on my personal profile, and I prefer you follow that because Facebook is more apt to show you my posts, and it’s the only place where I try to craft my own humor, stories, and civil disobedience. I get a little risque with some of the posts, but it hasn’t scared away my friends who are also ministers.

Crumpets and Bollocks Facebook Page: Mainly blog posts and goofy memes.

Blogging As I Learn It Facebook Page: Links and memes for writing and reading.

Dribbles and Grits Facebook Page: All the top shared posts in my newsfeed, mainly hitting cute or funny, mainly videos.

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