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Hammerin Hank 1My father’s best advice was advice he never told me…

The biggest funeral I ever attended was my father’s funeral. So many people showed up that people were standing like a crowd around the pews in the aisles. A vibrantly diverse bunch, from some of the town’s most prominent leaders and merchants to hard-working blue collar laborers… separated by class systems yet unified by love and respect. A togetherness of individuals who were equally inspired by the character of a disciplined man of great faith.

While I’m his daughter, and I tend to over-glorify him in his death hoisting him high because I love him that much, this is no hyperbole. My father was special. If my family were Mayan, he’d have been an elder. If my life was Harry Potter, he would have been Albus Dumbledore. He was the type of man someone like Martin Luther King, Jr., would look up to, behind the scenes inspiration for other people’s greatness, like a teacher or minister everyone has in their past who challenged them to be better.

His secret behind all his success… God. He went to church every Sunday, and in many cases, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. But more importantly, he woke up every morning before sunrise, and he would sit at the kitchen table, Indian Style on a chair, barefoot, with a pack of cigarettes and a glass of orange juice, and he would spend about an hour or two in prayer. The cat always sat near him through this, enjoying her time with him without the distraction of the day. He also read his Bible a lot, highlighting his favorite passages, writing notes on the pages with maps and white space.

Henry Robert Grewe
That’s a Bible in his hands, a Bible I still have and the kids lost.

He lived his life for God to the fullest. For years, he owned a radio station in Christian Format: WEIF radio (Where Everyone is Family). It was AM back in a time when FM was killing the AM radio star, but he was still a local pillar of the community with that station. Even 14 years later, I can go visit that town, and say something about that station to a group of people, and at least 1 person will know who I’m talking about and want to shake my hand for being his daughter and tell me a story of how my father helped them somehow. He was offered a half million in the mid-1980’s for that station, and while he struggled to pay bills, he turned it down. He wanted to keep God on the air waves. Financial struggle with the radio station eventually resurfaced, and he gave the radio station to our church before pursuing a better paying job.

WHCM and WADC Business Card
Check out the phone numbers. Early 1990’s. He had a car phone and beeper. A beeper! Hit me on my hip!

Now I know a lot of people just don’t believe in Christianity, but I’m telling you, his love for God and his desire to know God is exactly what gave him the wisdom, strength, and courage he needed in every step of his life, from his job to his role as a parent. He stood out from all the Christians because his search for truth was sincere. He stood out from all the heathens because his light was real.

His life was a series of character-building activities because God challenged him to do as such. The people who have hurt him the most in his life, he forgave. The job nobody wanted to do, he did and he did it well with all his heart. He sacrificed many selfish things for the greater good, in the name of what he felt was right.

He was the giver of advice and lectures. He stopped spanking me and started lecturing me around the age of 7. There were many times I did the right thing to avoid a lecture. He really liked the cliches of the world, though I had no idea they were cliche when he dished them out. I think it’s because everything I did, he sincerely thought about it long and hard before approaching me with it, and he wanted to give me something easy to remember. He made cliche work. Some of the quotes of fatherly advice that comes to mind…

“It is what it is.” His all-time favorite.

“Every decision you make has consequences. You have to think things through.”

“Our failures are stepping stones to success.”

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

“This too shall pass.”

“Let it be.”

“Walk it off.”

“Once you lose my trust, you have to earn it back, and it will take a lot more time and effort to earn it back than it would take to have kept it in the first place.”

“Things are how you make them.”

“Here’s the deal…”

Not all of my father’s advice was serious; some were more of a joke. “He who farts in church sits in his own pew.” When he was dying of cancer and the morphine had twisted his mind, his advice more or less became “abstract.” My favorite, “You’re running out of cigarettes every time you ash.”

My memory is fading with age and motherhood. Of all the things I can remember my father ever telling me, I think his greatest advice was not in the form of words, but in the form of actions. His love for God is the best advice my father ever gave me.

Henry Robert Grewe Obituary

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  1. I was all moist after reading this post. Bless his soul...he was a kind man and the fact that he believed in supreme power that he was ready to spend so many hours over it...was a full proof of his beliefs. hugs!! xoxo
    • I really think the morning prayer is what really shaped his overall essence people loved about him. For some, they may consider it more meditation; however, it was with that morning time-out from life, every morning, that he shaped his day to its fullest potential.
  2. What a guy! The fact that he gave away the station to his church says it all for me. I smiled when I read your list of his sayings. "This too shall pass" was one of my late husband's favourites. Your love for your dad rings out from this post. I bet he's smiling right this very second.
    • So many people have told me God broke the mold after making him. I, of course, searched long and hard for a husband who reminded me of him, and they just don't exist. I love my husband, and maybe some day he'll be more like my father. I have to remind myself my dad wasn't perfect in his 20's. He didn't really shine until about 45. So I expect the maturity of a very old man from such a young man, and I feel bad for my husband. But in the spirit of trying to mold my husband into a shape that resembles my father, you know I really thought hard about all the things my father did that was awesome. All the things I loved about my father. All the things that people liked about my dad. And all those things go back to his relationship with God.
  3. I definitely could understand what you are saying about his desire for truth being sincere. I've met a lot of people like this across different beliefs actually. I do think many of them were very sincere even though I personally may not believe what they have said and believe is true if that makes any sense. Your father sounds like a Christian man that I knew growing up that was at one point like a father figure to me. It's so nice that you have such a fond memory of him. He sounds like he was truly an extraordinary man.
    • We ended up becoming Baptist eventually, and you see a lot of insincere followers in that realm. Some people seek God to help them make the right decisions, and others hide behind Him so they can feel more free to make the wrong ones. I had a really bad experience at the church we were going to when I was graduating high school. It was so bad, I stopped going to church up until recently when I wanted to start taking the kids somewhere. But despite my anger toward the church, and despite the fact that I wasn't going and had panic attacks when I tried to force myself to go to one, I think I never veered too far from God only because my father's relationship with Him. Like somehow that inspired me to keep praying.
  4. Your dad sounds like an amazing man, Michelle. Strong, wise, and full of love and a great sense of humor because who doesn't appreciate awesome nuggets of wisdom like "He who farts in church sits in his own pew!!!???" I also think there's something to morning prayer - whether it's actual prayer, or quiet time or meditation - there's peace and strength in that. Thanks so much for this great sentence and for hosting this week!
  5. What a beautiful tribute to your father, Michelle. I love how you described his dedication and grace, both to his family and to his faith. Great men are few and far between (there's a cliche for you), but you certainly had one in your dad.
  6. What an outstanding man your Dad was! I noticed he and my father were born the same year. My own favorite saying is - and I think it's something Hank could have said as well, only in a nicer way - "take it or leave it" (but quit the whining) Thank you for sharing your memories!
  7. First -- here's a virtual hug. Second -- I will be giving your father a hug someday when we meet in Heaven. My father was a minister and much of what you said I related to 100% including the lifestyle of "giving" He has been gone for over 30 years and I miss him every day. Thank you for this beautiful post -- for sharing your faith. I have connected with you and FB, Twitter and your blog -- and I hope you will do the same. HUGS
  8. Oh, I love this so much. I love the admiration and love you have for your father and for the person he was. I didn't have any valuable relationship with my father, and that soured me on my view on fathers for a while. But when I see and witness stories like this it warms my heart and soul to my core. It's not just his quotes but it was his actions that made him a stand up guy. I'm sorry he is no longer with your family but I have a strong feeling that he lives on through you and all the lessons he taught you that you pass down. ❤
  9. So, what's interesting to me is that I see a lot of your father in you Michelle. I obviously will not meet your father in this life but I see a lot of his strength and force of character in your writing and opinions. And don't feel that you need to push Rafa too hard. He will grow through his love for you and for the girls.
  10. Michelle, I think this is my favorite of your posts. Beautifully written and full of love. And a packed funeral is a testament to what kind of man he was and your post a tribute to the father he was. "It is what it is.". My brother's favorite saying!
  11. I love those fatherly quotes; your dad sounds like the kind of man who made you really listen to what he had to say. Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Michelle.
  12. Michelle, I think this is my favorite of all your posts. It's beautifully and honestly written - filled with love - and your dad had some great advice for you ("It is what it is," was my brother's favorite saying!). A packed funeral is a testament to a good man and this post is a tribute to a great dad! LOVE the picture at the top, too.

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