Dear Intolerant Christian Homophobes and Your High Horse, Dear High Horse too

I hear a lot of you guys complaining about the new Supreme Court Rulings about equal rights in the realm of marriage.

Homosexuality and The Bible and God

I honestly think your issue is fear.

In my Dr. Freud Voice – you are af-draid of your own sexu-ahh-lity and eem-moral dee-sires.

I know God is real. He’s not just a belief, and I believe all of our spirits are aware of it, but there seems to be two types of spirits out there. Those who embrace God for Who He really is and what He really intended, and usually those are the ones who don’t practice Christianity regularly (outside of black people; I don’t know. Their churches focus on the right things). Then there’s those who fear displeasing God by trying to follow rules, and they are usually your devout Christians because that’s one thing religion focuses on.

It’s important to point out to those Christians, you who this is written to, God intended us NOT to know good and evil so that we just are. Remember Adam and Eve? They didn’t know good from evil until the fruit. Why? Because God didn’t want them to know good from evil. The ignorance protected them. 

But they discovered good and evil for human kind. And the OT was about following a bunch of rules. And our ignorance is now what hurts us because we don’t know all the rules.

Those rules are important for the spirit. If you follow them perfectly, knowing all of them better than any attorney, without doubt, then you will be fine. You can go to God’s Kingdom. Happy Trails.

“For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it.” James 2:10

But if you can’t follow them all, perfectly, then you can’t go to heaven. Happy Trials and Suffering. But that’s Old Testament news. 

Dear Christians, have you ever heard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ came to earth and sprinkled all the humans with grace sparkles. Now, we don’t have to follow those rules anymore. We should try, but we don’t have to, and we are not to judge who is trying good enough. 

The New Testament says, “Forget the old testament. Just follow the 10 commandments and love each other and listen to your parents.” Something like that anyway. Don’t quote that. But many verses show that Jesus “fulfilled” the Old Testament to make the New

The rules you see in the OT were really impossible for humans to follow, especially with the amount of influence the negative worlds have on ours. God asked us to love at this point, and that’s all we are called to do, love. He did that to keep this world livable.

Some of those rules, the more we follow them, the healthier our souls are, but if we screw up, it’s ok. God heals the soul. It’s not about being good enough for salvation. It’s about God just wanting what’s best for you. If you follow Jesus, He will protect you from the burden of your sins, and we ALL sin very much so in our own ways.

A pastor’s sins are just as offensive as the addict in the front row. They both need redemption found at the foot of the cross.

But the rules and trying to follow them, especially to the level the churches enforce, feed the fear of not being good enough, and the demons are trying to remind you that for control. We all know an insecure person is easy to control–demons like to remind you of your sins to make you feel inadequate.

In turn, this fear of inadequacy creates a fear of one’s own sexuality. Instead of embracing your natural, instinctive urges, you try to cock block it internally, and that struggle is real, and it comes out in our culture, and in arguments where people want to tell people how to live.

When you say, “Don’t rub your homosexuality in my face,” what you really mean is, “Quit tempting me.” NO. I’m playing. What you really mean is, “I wish I were that free, but I have caged myself in the name of what I think is best for me and you, and I wish you would too.” 

But a domestic animal is in no position to judge the wild.

But your cage is not a sanctuary.

But you are afraid.

But Jesus was a humanitarian, and to truly follow Christ, we Christians would be more in line with His Ways of loving everyone, forgiving everyone, and helping everyone.

Love One Another Jesus

In His eyes, we are all children. If you have children, they really can’t do any wrong, but you still try to guide them to better days and a little character. If instead of looking at a homosexual as someone flaunting their desires in your face, if you removed the sexual crap and peeled away all the layers, you’ll see a child, like he is YOUR child. An innocent little child who just is following his cotton picking heart.

And I swear some of these churches and Christians are a hate organization fronting as an act of Love. They are evil fronting as good. They are works of the devil fronting as God’s work.

Hate is of the devil. That’s a no brainer. Every idiot knows this. Just about EVERY religion out there will tell you hate comes from hell and darkness. Hate is bad.

So when you see Christians hating, when you see yourself hating, that’s not God. That’s the devil using God’s people as an instrument. Don’t be the devil’s instrument anymore. Go on strike. Dare to love again.

But I still read crap all the time about Christian hate. Today. From my Facebook newsfeed today. Tomorrow will be a group of different stories…

A group of Christians operating out of churches for political endeavors are trying to stop an anti-discrimination law, even though the law exempted religious organizations. And now they are whining that they are the victims of harassment. Yeah. This isn’t Westboro, though looks like it doesn’t it?

Kid gets punished by a teacher for being an atheist, and of course the school isn’t doing shit about it. The parents are suing because that’s the only defense they have. Now what part about this story speaks of Christ’s love? Jesus would sit next to that kid at lunch.

And if you didn’t know, according to the great Yoda, Fear leads to hate. Scaring people into doing shitty things to people is not God’s work.

I read crap all the time about Christians spreading fear to control others. I read Facebook comments afraid the homosexuals are going to take over the world. That mouthy bearded guy who preaches from his car believes we are in a Christian Holocaust now. Not to mention, “now that this law has passed letting gays marry, it’s only a matter of time before they stop religious rights.”

Please stop scaring people.

There’s no Christian reason for this shit either because most churches, as I’ve had the Catholic church and a Baptist say this to me, will tell you that people I love fall under my grace.

Yes. You heard it. If you love someone, they are allowed to screw up. They are under your grace.

They are allowed to be atheist to fall under your grace.

They are allowed to be homosexuals to fall under your grace.

They are allowed to be things you don’t care so much about like rapists and murderers to fall under your grace.

And they are allowed to be an asshole Christian to fall under your grace.

But the point is, there is a battle between good and evil. God isn’t exactly on earth tricking people for their soul like the devil is, but there is a battle for our souls going on spiritually, every day. And you are taking from God’s numbers when you tell people they can’t sit with you on Sunday because their belief disagrees with yours.

You are taking away from God’s numbers when you post Facebook statuses and links to articles that make people feel less than a person for being who they are.

You are taking away from God’s numbers when you are not walking with Christ while telling everyone you are.

God doesn’t really care about the numbers. He cares about us. Jesus wants to bring in the stray, and the lost, and the unwanted. He wants to end their pain. These people are never going to know His gentle touch if you keep kicking them out of His church, whether literally or figuratively.

That’s where you piss me off with this shit. That’s why every time I see a Christian spew hatred, I come in there with some form of support for the wicked. I go in armed with the truth, loaded with love, and sometimes cocked with snark.

If you want to continue being a judgmental ass, that’s on you, but I’m here to tell you, that’s NOT GOD’S WORK.

If you want to do God’s work, then love. Love people as God loves them.

If it’s not a sin in their heart, then let that be God’s.

End the Suffering


  1. Even though I'm an Atheist, I enjoyed this post. I wish more Christians would take it to heart. hateful Christians is one of the things that started me on my path to atheism.
    • Me too. I had a couple atheist years in my life, but God wouldn't let me stray for long. Eventually, He got it through that He is not a religion. He is not the church. But I think God is more than just recognition from our conscious minds. I think the true recognition of God comes from the heart, and an atheist is just as capable of such things as a Christian is incapable.

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