I don’t know why you would want to contact me, but just in case someone like Channing Tatum or John Cena wants to ask me out via email, I’m going to have to provide some contact information. I mean, I just can’t risk losing out on such an awesome opportunity just because I want to be private or something.


I’m all about helping people, but I do like to research stuff to make sure I’m actually helping people in need and not helping someone’s greed.


Selling me stuff, well if it’s something like I won the lottery in Africa, I’m deleting, and probably blocking. I’m going to create a code to know you are a real human-being trying to sell something legit, so if you want me to consider buying whatever it is you are selling, you must answer one of these “security” questions in the content of your message…

  • How do you get a kid to stop crying?
  • How do you get your husband to listen to you when you talk?
  • How do you get red koolaid out of white carpet easily, like without ironing the whole carpet?

If you can answer just one of these for me to where it works for me, I will probably most definitely buy whatever you are selling as soon as I can afford it.

 Blog Luv

If you have a blog and want to do something with me, like guest write, or write a review, or what have you, I’m very open to this sort of thing. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

 Hate Mail

If you send me a nasty message, I’m probably going to post it and make fun of you.

 EMAIL ME: untouchable.cant.touch.this@gmail.com

Michelle Grewe, Writer, Artist, Spirit

I have a lot of projects going on at once, partly therapy, partly because I have lots of ideas and want to do them all or it haunts my brain. I just love to create things. I appreciate any and all support for my endeavors.

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I try my best to provide the most quality work at an affordable price, sometimes free. It is quality work. I am not the best at what I do, but I put my heart into it 100%.


You can buy my book… From Dust to Essence.

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Also check out my store…




Please check out any of these blogs that sound like you can relate to it…

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