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Playing the Autism Card

June 21, 2013 michellegrewe 1

I’ve seen many versions of the Autism Card on the internets. Some parents actually hand these out to people. For those who don’t realize, a common theme in the lives of parents of children on […]

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Blog of Myself

February 11, 2013 michellegrewe 1

If you didn’t get it, the title… Walt Whitman wrote a super huge long epic poem-book called Song of Myself. I thought it was punny. 52 The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he […]

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My super fabulous wedding

January 26, 2013 michellegrewe 1

All you brides to be, grab your pen and pad and take some notes. This is the wedding of a lifetime. Celebrities? They ain’t got shit on this. I met my husband in August of […]

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The dirty Grinch Bastard

December 21, 2012 michellegrewe 0

So I guess someone did steal some of my Christmas gifts, twice. Mixed emotions here. Of course, at first I didn’t think anyone stole anything. I assumed I’m a ding bat who misplaced shit. I’m […]

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Road Rage Stupid People

December 3, 2012 michellegrewe 0

I posted this as a status on my friend’s Facebook page (where I admin) called, “Oh No! Did I Offend You?” Anyway, I realized it was long enough to be a blog post, so I […]

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