I Hate Cliques

June 19, 2015 michellegrewe 7

This week’s Finish the Sentence Friday is a juicy one. Be sure to check out the linkage at the bottom, and please, in the name of everything sacred like chocolate, and, yes, I’m going there, […]

Stop with the Fat Shaming

April 7, 2015 michellegrewe 0

Sitting in the kitchen nook of my mother’s house waiting for Easter dinner, I proclaimed that the strawberry pie looked so good, I might steal it like the Purple Pie Man and disappear to Porcupine […]

Valentines Day is not a VD

February 14, 2015 michellegrewe 1

Today is the day Cupid is supposed to shoot an arrow out of his ass and knock you into a euphoric wonderland of love. Today, little girls everywhere are going through their character cards from their […]

Good Grief Holidays

December 26, 2014 michellegrewe 0

Today is a special day. It is Deziray’s birthday. Deziray was my best friend’s daughter, who at 6 months of age, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She received surgery and actually beat the tumor […]

All you Need is Love

December 19, 2014 michellegrewe 3

When I’m really old, I hope to look back at my life and know that I… Welcome to another installment of Finish the Sentence Friday. This is a group of bloggers who agree on a […]

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