Remember Me Soup

June 10, 2015 michellegrewe 1

After spending the weekend with the great bloggers at Blog U, I had one of the most fitting dreams that describes my feelings about this weekend completely. The Dream I was in Russia with Rafael […]

A Walk Down Luminary Lane

May 21, 2015 michellegrewe 6

That moment is still etched into my brain like a scar. That moment when my father, the strong-Marine who knew no fear, was sitting in his hospital bed trying to figure out why he had back […]

Stop with the Fat Shaming

April 7, 2015 michellegrewe 0

Sitting in the kitchen nook of my mother’s house waiting for Easter dinner, I proclaimed that the strawberry pie looked so good, I might steal it like the Purple Pie Man and disappear to Porcupine […]

The Day They Called Me Devil Dog

March 20, 2015 michellegrewe 1

Welcome to another installment of Finish the Sentence Friday where someone creates a writing prompt for a bunch of fabulous bloggers to finish. Check for a link at the bottom to read more posts… My […]

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