Parenting Advice Sucks

July 24, 2015 michellegrewe 4

Since the onslaught of reproduction, I get so much advice from people on parenting and motherhood that it’s like I have a personal Kanye West stealing my mic telling me Beyonc√© deserves the glory, like […]

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Education Reform by Cyber-Parents

July 25, 2014 michellegrewe 0

For a Printable, Document version, CLICK ME! I have compiled some thoughts about education from parents and parent bloggers online, including some of my own unique thoughts. Education Reform by Parent Bloggers and Parents compiled […]

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Sleep Deprivation Sucks

May 3, 2014 michellegrewe 0

I’m finally sharing some of the story that lead to my current levels of crazy I hide from all of you, and this is only a glimpse. In order to tell the whole story, I’d […]

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