Imperfect says I’m Perfect

June 26, 2015 michellegrewe 4

Welcome to another Finish the Sentence Friday where you can view more awesome posts than mine at the bottom. Please check it out. These people are usually worth it. Everything felt perfect the time that […]

No Picture

Motherhood in an Amazonian Utopia

May 15, 2015 michellegrewe 0

Had humanity been a woman-dominated society for centuries as opposed to a male-dominated one, what would our culture look like? In reality, gender only dictates our reproductive roles. That does not mean our role as […]

Our Schools Suck and it bothers me

March 9, 2015 michellegrewe 2

Welcome to another installation of Finish the Sentence Friday. This week’s topic was submitted by your’s truly, which is why I’m hosting this week. So when you’re done reading, check out the links below and/or […]

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