Derka Derka Team Hobo Epic Fail

January 23, 2015 michellegrewe 10

Welcome to another installment of Finish The Sentence Friday where a bunch of bloggers get together and work off the same writing prompt creating unique blogs of awesome. I read through most, if not all, […]

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

October 30, 2014 michellegrewe 0

The Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t happened yet, despite the Miami guy. You remember him? The guy they found eating a human alive? Then they had a hard time killing him? And then we blamed bath salts. […]

No Picture

Beaver Wash Shower Curtains

October 11, 2014 michellegrewe 2

In my stores, I’m starting to design what I call, “Collections,” of household items that coordinate. Shower curtains are the basis of my collection due to its overwhelming popularity on the cafepress community. I’m still […]

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