I’m a melting pot of ideas and thoughts. You will find something you agree with and a lot of things you don’t agree with. You will find things that you can relate to, and things where you will be forced to see things from a different perspective (usually a VERY different perspective). You’re just going to have to put up with my bull shit to get to the shit you like because it’s that bull shit that someone else likes, and what you like might be their bull shit. I do it for you.

Most of my readers put up with my shit simply because they know, right or wrong, I care about them.

I will post about orgasms and follow it with a post about God and compassion.

I love God.

I love secular tongue and profanity.

I’m not afraid to write about anything. And if I catch myself nervous about writing something, that’s a signal in my freakishly weird mind to write it.

What I think is hilarious, you guys won’t get. But what I think is normal, you’ll laugh. I really have no idea when I’m actually being funny.

I’m both pro-choice and pro-life. I do think there’s a human in the womb, and not a fetus, which is why you freak out if I smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey in my first trimester. But I also think with politics and civilization in mind, women should be free to chose to a certain point in the pregnancy. While it would just be WAY easier for women’s rights if men were all to get vasectomies at a young age since they are the ones shooting bullets irresponsibly (can’t we not save their cum and make all babies test tube babies?), nobody is going to do that because it’s actually a great idea.

I’m Pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-Gun Control. I don’t think we need to ban guns, but I think we should treat guns like we do cars and driving. State issued picture ID to shoot (with a requirement to pass a test on safe use), and registration of all guns, and all sales require a bill of sale and re-registration. Cops should be carrying a real gun in their vehicles with a tranquilizer gun on them. Too strict gun control laws increase crime according to studies. High crime areas also inspire people to buy a gun, according to studies. So, I’m all about making guns accessible, even if I myself do not wish to own any, but I’m all about reducing the need for it by reducing crime.

I’m a Christian, but I love science and believe God gave you free will to choose your own path. I read about a lot of religions, and I have no problem reading about someone’s views regarding atheism, witchcraft, Wicca, Allah, Buddha or even Satan for that matter. I hope you can be equally as tolerant to put up with my God posts. I pray heaven will always be an option for people, even an option if you accidentally end up in hell.

As a Christian, I believe in everything Christ stood for. I am all about feeding the hungry. Housing the homeless. Helping people, whether they are in need or not since needs are very subjective. I don’t appreciate the conservative mentality labeling THE PEOPLE as a lazy force and worshiping reality’s lazy, the corporations. THE PEOPLE are our country, and I try to love them the way Christ loves them. It’s not about socialism vs. capitalism because all government organization labels are flawed when greed consumes those in power. If more people were like Christ than not, it wouldn’t matter what government we were under.

I also believe the body and soul are in a perpetual relationship with the mind acting as the middle man of translation. What you do affects your soul, but your soul affects what you do. I think evil is a symptom of a broken soul, and the only thing I know to heal a soul is the love of God. And I also think damage to the spirit will manifest itself physically in the form of illness and mental illness. While our earthly methods of medication treats only the symptoms, the therapy is important in treating the spirit as long as its focused on healthy things one can do for their spirit.

With that said, I don’t believe in judging people. That’s God’s job. If you are an asshole, I might not be kind to you to protect myself or others from your asshole ways, but I understand that you are not the real asshole. You are just being one. And there’s probably a good reason for it. I hope you figure it the fuck out. Meanwhile, I still will try to love you the way God loves you because that’s what my God called me to do. That also might entail calling you an asshole once in a while, but just know, when I call you an asshole, I’m doing it with love.

I evolve. My beliefs evolve with new information. I know what I know, and I know what i think. I can differentiate between fact as reality, fact as the norm (majority believes), and theory. Usually when I don’t know something, I revert to Schrodinger’s cat. All possibilities are true.

I sometimes sound like I’m on a high horse. I’m arrogant, yes. But, I don’t argue for ego. I get annoyed that people don’t know things. It bothers me that people choose to be stupid. It took me a while to realize a lot of my friends LOVE it when you are stupider than they are for ego purposes, but I’m not like that. I want you to outsmart me. I’d rather learn something from you because I’m sick of humans embarrassing my species, and I’m really sick of it being contagious. If enough people say the same stupid thing, humans naturally start to believe it as true. So if you are going to repeat something, repeat something intelligent. There are other worlds watching us, and they all think they are superior to us because we are stupid.

Beware arguing with me. I don’t usually say something unless I know what I’m saying, like I’ve probably already done more research than you think, and than you are willing to do yourself. I like reading boring stuff. Unlike most people, I base my beliefs and opinions on the evidence in front of me rather than searching for evidence to back up a belief. I’m also arrogant and domineering, and I can be a bitch.

I treat assholes like assholes and kindness with kindness. I mimic whatever you do. I will mimic your logic just to use it against you in a Taoist sort of way. When dealing with me, follow the golden rule. Treat me the way you want to be treated because I assure you, I will treat you the way you treat me when my shit level is reached, though I do go a little more beyond most people with patience for the stupid.

I know none of this sounds promising, but disclaimers usually aren’t meant to provide hope. But if you can’t already tell, I care. That’s sometimes a bad thing, but for the most part, it’s a good thing.




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