7 Powers We Have that can be our Superpower

This week I’m co-hosting Finish the Sentence Friday where a few writers get together and finish the same prompt. Link up or check out the links at the bottom of this post. Part I is about weird superpowers I wish I had. Part II is about real ones we all can have.

Finish the Sentence Friday

If I could have any superpower, I would want to be able to…


I have a lot of dreams where I’m flying. Falling upwards is one of my most favorite experiences I’ll do in a dream over and over again, intentionally. I had one dream where an angel carried me, and at one point we soared over this city weaving around other angels flying at high speeds and that was fun. This angel flew the way I drive, except the option of going over and under just made traffic a lot more exciting.

But I don’t want to fly like Mario. I have that recurring dream where I run and run, start to float, and then can only fly for a second before I have to do it again. It’s way too much work for flight.

Make People Come At Will

I think I would have way too much fun if I could just gently touch someone’s shoulder and they have some strange orgasm like in that Broken Lizard movie. I would do this to men and women, randomly, at places like Walmart or while they are giving an important speech somewhere.

Clap my hands and the house is clean

Yeah, that one is pretty self explanatory.


In order to have a superpower, you most likely have to be a superhero.

So I’m taking a look at my heroes to see what powers they have that I look up to.

Save Souls from Damnation

Jesus Christ probably has the coolest superpower of all. It’s easy to overlook, and I know a lot of you guys are non-believers, but the point is, if you could give people paradise instead of hell, that’s awesome. Jesus often already does that in life and death.

The living all experience dark times, but believers in Christ and His Message tend to fare better during difficult times and horrible mental health. Science even proves this, but only if people see their God as a forgiving one as opposed to a Judgmental one.

Meanwhile, many of you don’t want to think about this part, but I know hell is real, and I know it sucks. I record demons and other spirits, but as a medium, I get to see glimpses of hell here and there, as well as glimpses of heaven, and I can vouch they are totally different places.

Unlike most Christians though, I don’t get a boner at the thought of anyone suffering in hell, no matter how evil they are, no matter what sins they did. I know the victims of a murder probably don’t want to see their murderer in heaven, but after seeing how fabulous hell is, I think it’s more fucked up than murder to wish that on someone. There are worse things than death.

The humans in hell are not smart. They are not powerful. They are naive and child-like experiencing monsters and pain. Anyone who can save people from that fate is probably the world’s greatest superhero.

Take Away the Pain

We can’t avoid death, but pain is something many people can live and die without. It would just be cool if I could end anyone’s pain like morphine by just saying a little prayer, but we do have morphine and many other pain relief options.

I get migraines, really bad ones, and with 3 kids, I can’t really be out of commission. The doctor who gives me Toradol, and sometimes Phenergen, Benadryl and a little morphine, is my hero because they did something I didn’t think was possible. They saved my day.

I will always love an anesthesiologist. I had a serious boyfriend dump me for one, and I spent years hating that field for that reason up until I gave birth. The epidural guy is my hero. I love all anesthesiologists. They can have my boyfriend any time any where.

Sometimes I still rub the spot on my back where they gave me the epidural and rub it for luck.


I think it would be really cool if I could walk up to someone sick or dying, pray to God, and then say, “You are healed in the name of God” as I forcefully push on their forehead with the palm of my head, and it would be really cool if they fell back crippled, but got up healed. It would be awesome if ministers could do that in reality, but they can’t.

If you believe we are made from intelligent design, real healing comes in the form of time. Most of our ailments, we self-heal by design. For more complicated things, we do the best we can with science and medicine, and we are always researching new means to treat and heal patients. Everyone who contributes even a dollar to the research, and everyone who puts in the man hours and mental activity toward research are heroes in some way. Who knew? You too could be a superhero just by signing up for the relay for life.

Spiritual ailments, broken souls, usually manifest themselves some way physically, usually in the form of mental health, but often in regular sickness. Love mends that soul, slowly. The most purest love of all will truly mend just about any wound, and God’s love for us will manifest itself physically in the form of miracles, but the real power of that love is usually reserved for the after-life. But every time we care about each other, we help heal each other.

Turn Hate into Love

Wouldn’t it be cool if every time you saw a Facebook post where someone was like, “Kill it with fire,” and “I’m not racist, but…” that you could wave your magic wand, say “Bibbity Bobbity Boo,” and all the sudden the people are like, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that post.”

“Bibbity Bobbity Boo,” and Kim Davis is issuing marriage licenses to all people, even the homosexuals.

“Bibbity Bobbity Boo,” and nobody cares if Obama is a Muslim or not anymore.

“Bibbity Bobbity Boo,” and an atheist takes a Christian seriously, and a Christian doesn’t condemn the atheist for not believing.

But it is in our power to do this on a minute scale. When someone does you dirty, by turning the other cheek and killing them with kindness, you have managed to turn their hate into your love, and many times, if you do it enough, if you climb people’s walls no matter how high they build them, you can break in and turn their hate into love.

Hatred usually spawns from things like fear, ignorance, insecurity… The more we empower people to not be afraid, the more we educate people with the truth, and the more we build them up, the more people are going to operate from a loving standpoint.


I know most of you don’t see the ability to forgive as a superpower, but if you have ever seen someone who is stuck on the past and can’t move forward because someone hurt them like a rapist, or an abusive or neglectful parent, or maybe an ex who makes your life miserable because they can’t get over you, you can see how forgiveness is a very important superpower. If only we all harnessed it.


I’m not racist, but… See what I did there? But… Black women emit a strength and creative energy that I love, that takes a step beyond inspiring me and empowers me. I find my own confidence by watching a black woman’s confidence.

Look at this picture. You can’t tell me if an artist painted this, and you found it hanging in a museum that you wouldn’t describe it as strength and power, confidence and love…


You don’t have to be a black woman, like Michelle Obama who grew up poor and still ended up at Harvard and had the President of the United States as her intern, to empower people. All you have to do is be an example of all the things you find beautiful, and then show people how they can too.

Tell your story to people in a way that shapes them.


One of the greatest men I have ever looked up to is my father, and there is so much about him that people loved on a level you don’t normally see with people. You know his funeral was so full of people, the church (one of the largest Baptist Churches in our town) didn’t have enough pews. Half the people stood.

I could list out a blog post on qualities that made my father great, but one I find to be a SuperPower because I’m so far from possessing anything like it is his self-discipline. My father was a Marine, and he truly was ALWAYS a Marine. Honor. Courage. Commitment. Everything he did displayed those values with pride.

The thing I miss the most about having my father in my life was that he was the most dependable person I knew. Nobody comes close. I can’t count on anyone like I could him, and that spoiled me.

He was stubborn. The most stubborn man I ever knew. But he was picky about what he was stubborn about. He was stubborn about keeping his word. He was stubborn about making sure everyone was taken care of, from his family to his clients. He was stubborn about getting things done in a timely manner. He was stubborn about having a clean house. He was stubborn about making sure everything was where it was supposed to be.

If you gave him a shit job, he was just as stubborn about doing it as if you gave him the most important job.

We all have the ability to harness a power such as this, and it is powerful. Being dependable and responsible to the people you love is one of the greatest powers we can possess on earth. It’s always the disciplined person in a unit who keeps the team operating as a team in peace. Like Big Mama who cooks a huge dinner every Sunday where nobody realizes the effort of such a task but respects her because the best meal they have all week was prepared as usual, on time, like a comfort blanket. We all respect those we can count on, and it’s usually those people who are the only people we take seriously when they tell us to stop fighting and get along.

The Best Superpower of All

I think the best superpower of all, besides saving souls from damnation, but the best superpower humans can possibly possess is the power to realize we have powers, and to use them for good.

Dahl Quote Somewhere Inside all of us is the power to change the world. Read more about the kind of superpowers I wish I had.



  1. You covered a lot a wonderful superpowers. I was just reading yesterday in the Ensign, a magazine published by my church, about the Savior Jesus Christ and how he is so powerful and full of glory. I'm glad you spoke of this too. I love your final sentence of your blog. What a great statement!
  2. I have to admit, this surprised me -- in a good way! You really gave me a new way of looking at things that I never would have thought of as superpowers. I really like the thought that each of us can be a superhero a little bit at a time by doing things like learning to forgive or to turn the other cheek. And you're right -- Jesus really is the BEST superhero ever, isn't He? I never looked at it that way before. Great post!
  3. The power to be powerful! That's awesome!! Imagine what a world we would have if everyone recognized their power to change the world for the better and acted on it! If people could stop feeling powerless and actually affect change in the ways that only can. Lots of Friday food for thought!
  4. This is so awesome Michelle. Seriously. I'd love to be able to heal people and do that forehead thing. Also LOL to making people have random orgasms at Walmart! But the rest - having empathy and being empowered...those really do give us superpowers. I love the way you did it and pinned your image to my parenting board because AWESOME! Thanks for hosting with me again this week. You're the bombdiggity.
  5. Totally #1 and # 2 (well, of course # 2 as well) funny about the flying thing… more a feature of dreams in my youth (and in college era) and the 'method' I employed to fly was a lot like Douglas Adam's advice to 'throw oneself at the ground, and miss' fun post
  6. I agree with your final words. We all have powers. Maybe we don't see them as being superpowers, like what shows up in cartoons, or summer-time movies. But we have the power to change the world around us for the better if we only make the commitment to do so. Great post!
  7. I like the way you listed self discipline...there are a lot of people out there quietly doing great things that don't get the superhero type of recognition they deserve.

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