Imperfect says I’m Perfect

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Finish the Sentence Friday

Everything felt perfect the time that wasn’t perfect. I think perfection is in flaws and random, all the things that makes most people feel imperfect.

I’m kind of a nerd and have overanalyzed the concept of perfection. I often pray to God like He’s a best friend, and I’ve often asked why He didn’t make everything perfect. He says He did.

Random gave Him and us freedom to do whatever we want. In Quantum Mechanics, things are so random, they can’t be predicted, hence Schrodinger’s Cat. The concept of Schrodinger’s Cat basically states that all possibilities are happening at once. In many ways, they are. It is only that way because its random. Because everything is so random, you get to choose your future because all the futures are possible.

Flaws are relative. They are only flaws if you look at them a certain way. If you change your perspective, they can become strengths. But in God’s perspective, they aren’t flaws or strengths. They just are.

So it is in everything we consider imperfect that makes perfection. If we were in a world where everything worked out right, then it wouldn’t be perfect because it wouldn’t be ours. It would be something set in stone without freedom. We would all share the same experiences and bore each other to death talking about them.

So everything was perfect that day I gave birth to my first child and the epidural guy took hours to get to the hospital and gave me an epidural at 9 cm dilated, which he shouldn’t do but was too stupid to know better, and I was in the worst pain in my life second to my worst migraine. Everything was perfect when the doctor lost my chart and made me hold in a baby at 10cm dilated for an hour, which I happily did thanks to the epidural. Everything was perfect when we received 7 parking tickets in that 24 hour period for the same car that was parked against the flow of traffic.

Everything was perfect the second kid I gave birth to, when I had nobody to watch the first kid. When the doctor screamed at my husband for contaminating my leg because he touched it without wearing gloves. When I was waiting the epidural in front of my one year old trying hard to smile and look like everything is ok despite all the pain I was in.

Everything really was perfect with the third kid I gave birth to, despite the fact that my placenta had aged and she needed out. When I got to the hospital to get induced, I was already in labor. I didn’t notice. The nurse was like, “You don’t feel that huge contraction you just got?” I was like, “That’s not gas? Wait. It’s gas. Back off.” When I felt a slight urge to ask for the epidural right as the epidural guy turned to my hall to start his rounds. When I squeezed her out like a turd coated in grease.

Everything was perfect when these babies needed fed at 3AM and I wanted to sleep so bad. When they slept in shifts. When they grew into toddlers who wrote on the walls in Preparation H and pulled out all the clean laundry from their drawers into a pile where they doused it with juice, shredded cheese, and glitter, and then repeated every week for 5 solid months.

Everything is perfect as I sit here at the computer frantically typing my post I should have posted last night at 10PM, especially since I’m co-hosting. As I merge three blogs into one blog because of many reasons which start out with, “I screwed up when I…” Everything is perfect as my children play video games in a messy living room and 2 loads of dishes wait for me PATIENTLY in the kitchen. Everything is perfect when I’m carrying bikes in and out of the house up and down steps because of cunt neighbors who destroy my property because I’m a bad neighbor for walking up the steps into my house (it’s noisy).

Everything is perfect because I can’t do it all, but I get to try. Because it gives me drive, ambition, goals, and wants. Because without all these things going on in my life, I wouldn’t dream. Without them, I wouldn’t live.

Now one thing that isn’t perfect. I’m out of Diet Coke, and it’s almost 4PM and I haven’t eaten yet today. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. So I won’t be editing. At all. I hope it makes sense.

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  1. This is perfect, or would be with Diet Coke. That can be considered the 7th layer of hell. No diet coke and kids that need to be entertained because, well, that's what they do. Thanks for cohosting with us!
  2. Flaws ARE relative and you don't need to edit at all. That you were able to turn this into a post that works and is awesome so quickly is amazing. UGH to the parking tickets while giving birth though - we had a similar situation where my husband had to move the car.
  3. You had to bring your one year-old? Oh my that must have been quite something. I do hope folks stepped up and took your two when number three came along! Great job on whipping out a post. Hope you've stocked up on the Diet Coke.

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